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An Admin On Steemit Thought I Was Plagiarising?

September 26, 2021

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I formatted the title as a question since it seemed like the person in question thought the content I was posting was stolen. Also, I’ve been asking around and haven’t gotten an answer as to what I did to get the Steem Cleaners on my case.

This is what the Wiki says about what Steemit is

“Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing and curating content, and is owned by Steemit Inc., a privately held company based in New York City”

SO it’s like Reddit but you get rewards for your content. This was back in 2019. It’s basically a combo of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The site has some accounts that reverse search photos, videos, etc to see whether or not it’s yours or not.

I don’t know what I did wrong nor did the SC care to explain. Ex: due to several cases of content theft, we are verifying any accounts made before/after 201X

I saw a comment from Steem Cleaners (the main plagiarism admin) asking me to verify myself and that stolen content should not be rewarded and they were new to the team. I am paraphrasing their comment. OK. One post they thought I ‘stole’ (since they wrote the comment on 2 of my posts) my face was clearly visible in the thumbnail AND the actual video. They even took time looking for my Twitter getting me to confirm it’s my content. My face was also in my PFP on Twitter. 3 shreds of evidence of my face and they still need confirmation it’s my content? I assume they obtained my Twitter handle on my YT since that’s the only place I have my Twitter handle. How come they didn’t simply watch a video or 2 from my channel? I get that they probably didn’t have time to search my Twitter for photos. But they could have watched a good 2 mins of a YT video. I had an autism channel at the time and had plenty of Face videos.

I couldn’t get an explanation why after 2 years of being on the site, why are they just now getting on my case.

2 users were awful to me 2 months before this incident happened. One guy was mean to me in June, the next guy in July and SC got on my case in August. The July guy bullied me because I could not understand what he was asking me about witnesses after I posted a vlog to DTube that a post I made on Weku, a Steemit clone, got 200 credits. He used ableist slurs towards me and was proud of his behavior. One guy thought I was a terrible person for making money on the site so I assumed he reported me to SC. They have a discord where you can report an account you suspect is posting stolen content. You have to remember this is a large platform so they could have gotten several messages before this guy’s message.

It freaked me out that they think I would do something like that. I get it, there are people who intentionally steal others’ hard work. Come on. My face was in the video and they’re still like

CoFiRm ThIs Is YoUr WoRK.

My user name on Twitter and Steemit wasn’t proof enough. I just added an x in front of my username on Twitter since It didn’t let me use aaliyahholt. Different usernames across social media can be confusing. I mainly use xaaliyahholt or artofjazz. Either my alias, Aaliyah Holt, or my nickname Jazz or Jazzy will be in my usernames. I had a different profile pic across my socials but my face was still there or I have videos where my face is clearly visible in photos or videos on social media.

I wonder why didn’t they just go to the channel the video is from? I am saying, it would help if I had a better understanding of the situation. Did someone report me? I feel that’s the only reason SC got on my case because someone reported me when I did nothing wrong. IF I was reported, I 100% believe the guy who thought I was such a bad person for monetizing my content reported me to the SC account. Just in case I didn’t explain. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, this guy comes onto my blog downvoting my posts. When I called him out for it he thought it was pathetic that I use Steemit as my ‘income stream.’ He hates me for making money but not everyone else. What did I do that got him on my case but not everyone else on the site? He claimed it was against Steemit’s TOS to monetize your content and called me entitled. You can’t monetize STOLEN content. This guy needs to learn how to read before hate campaigning people who’ve done nothing to him. Steemit’s TOS says you can’t monetize stolen content. If you react to a music video and provide commentary, you can monetize it. If you just upload someone else’s music video with nothing informative, you can’t make money off of that.

He didn’t bother to tell me what makes me such a bad person making money on the site. I mean an actual reason besides making Steemit my ‘income stream’ when literally everyone else on the site does the same thing as me. I just can’t with some NTs. He didn’t wanna communicate if I said something he didn’t like instead labels me a bad person for trying to make some money so I can do things for myself. He didn’t wanna communicate his feelings properly. Remember he said it’s pathetic I used Steemit as my ‘income stream’ which implied, at least to me, that I am a bad person for trying to make money when I couldn’t find a job I could handle.

If someone making money online gets you so mad, maybe you should be on the internet. Like I said I am not 100% sure, but the clues presented point towards this guy who thinks I’m a horrible person who reported me to Steem Cleaners. Then again wouldn’t SC want the link to the stolen content and the original? When no one cares to explain, you can only guess.

The content I post is MINE the only time you will see something I didn’t 100% make is if I collabed with another YouTuber/Blogger and filmed/wrote for a portion they needed from me.

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