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How I Got My First 20 Subscribers On Youtube

May 7, 2020

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I started my channel over back in 2019 in November. I got 20 subs quickly. I am just late with this. Ya’ll love me so much lol. What I started doing is giving advice when I reach a milestone instead of gloating. You may be asking yourself why should you care and take my advice? Well, I am giving you actual solutions to your problem. I feel most Youtube experts’ advice doesn’t help a gaming channel. Different topics require different things.

I like to tell you what helped me at least. Back then. I did post on-gaming videos because I could not put out gaming content like I wanted to due to the lack of equipment. So I didn’t want the channel to be dead for months on end.

When I started my channel I made an introduction. I feel this is important because it answers the question “why should I subscribe” I told the viewers to expect rage, overreacting, etc. I gained at least 5 subs from the intro alone.

Then I put posted a few montages like my funniest reactions to Roblox.

These things helped people know who I am.

I learned that gaming is very saturated and it’s hard to stand out only doing let’s plays. You also have to think so many people are doing the same thing as you. Even though my previous channel, Aaliyah Holt, started to decline. When I changed up my videos, that helped.

First and foremost a let’s play channel is hard to grow. There are thousands of people playing the same game and it will be hard getting out there.

I started doing funny moments videos to show the viewer what is different about my walkthroughs. Also, the viewer won’t like every single video from you. This is why it’s important to upload at least 3 times a week. Posting frequently helped me before because the viewer may remember if I post 3-5 times a week VS once a week. Also by doing montages, it will be easier for a montage to rank than a let play. At least put out a ranking video like a tutorial or equipment review etc at least 2xs a month. Just for the sake of getting content out there so people can find you. For instant you can count down the games you’re looking forward to this summer, this fall, etc. Count down the best-selling games etc. If you post once a week and the viewer sees a video they are interested in every 3 months, it will be harder for them to remember than if you post 3xs a week and they see a video they like say once a week. This is just my take on the situation.

When it comes to my favorite TV show, I am more likely to remember if the show comes on Mon-Fri. I forget every time with shows that only air once a week. If I forget to tune in once a week the viewers may forget to watch me once a week. Different channels have different audiences.

There is Reddit, it’s good for getting feedback. There are self-promo haters. Watch out for them. Seriously why make a forum where it’s a crime to post your stuff? It’s not always for promotion reasons(because the person wants views/subs) but maybe they think the video will help someone.

Also promote your videos on your social like Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter or whichever platforms work for you.

I like that on YT you can be your authentic self and people want that. For an aspie, faking something they’re not is exhausting to them.

If you want to have some variety on your channel, at least have a schedule for what’s coming when. It will help you and the viewer.

You will see another one of these at 50 subs. Then another at 100 subs.

Stay tuned for more advice.

To sum it up. Have other content in stores like montages and tutorials. promote yourself. Showcase those quirky moments.

Look into what’s trending. I reacted to game trailers which also helps. For example, here is a game trailer reaction that I did. This is the first trailer that I reacted to for my channel. This connects to what I told you about making ranking content that helps the viewers find you.

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