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I’m Chasing After The Wrong Jobs

April 23, 2021

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I previously posted about a stressful job program that I went through. My impression was that they help you find jobs within your skill set. As an adult with autism, I have to find a job like trying on shoes at the store. You have to make sure the shoe fits before you buy it. That’s what I am doing. I have been chasing after jobs my mom wants me to get vs a job that’s best for me, that fits me.

I will be working there, not my mom.
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My mom wants me in retail. She is always pushing it on me. ‘Work at Walmart’ ‘See if X is hiring.’  I felt pressured into the trap. I stopped to think that it’s more about what my mom wants than what I want. I am more likely to not get bored with it quicker if it’s something I truly want. Retail jobs are dying, believe it or not. Although I wrote this in 2019, I am revising it as of 2021. COVID 19 took so many jobs. COVID, in a weird way, showed us that there is no such thing as a ‘safe job.’ I was watching Roberto Blake and he said there is no such thing as job security if you didn’t make the job yourself. Every self-checkout lane put it or a self-order machine like at McDonald’s, that one person out of a job or one job that’s dead. People don’t make enough money to live working retail. Why chase after a job that will barely allow me to afford rent, food, etc? Instead, chase after something that can help you afford to live. I decided to work from home because it’s better for my mental health and after several failed attempts to find employment. My mom would not accept my wish. She wants me to socialize and think the only way to do that is to work retail. She wants me to get out and think a job is the only way. If I am too deep into autism burn out from the job, I will be in the house all the time.

If I work from home, I can have the energy to go out and mingle.

This is not saying I am too good for retail. This is not saying I’m too good to work 9-5. I am just saying I need to stop chasing after these jobs that barely pay and chase after something that can help me grow. I have cryptocurrency blogs that draw in money. I just need to come up with a good system for trading. I found a site called Medium where you can make money on your content. I found a video sharing platform like YT. All of these doors opened up. I know I can’t expect to be rich right off the bat. It will time and effort like anything else.

Also YOU need to stop chasing jobs that can fire you at any time for whatever reason they want. You went for a job; COVID took it, right? I post my content on crypto sites and that’s how I tried to make money and my earnings may dip but it would be better than being out of a job and not getting any money at all. But Jazz not everyone can work from home, start their own business.’  But what if automation kills what’s left of the jobs and that’s one of the only ways you can fend for yourself? Nothing is going to be easy.

Tomorrow, every Jewel nationwide can close down, that’s a job that’s gone. At any moment you can be fired or laid off. What if you cannot find another job before you owe bills or rent? If I work from home and don’t rely on one platform, I have another source to hold me over. On Roberto’s video, a commenter said they lose their ‘real’ job to the pandemic and they were able to still provide for themselves because of YouTube.  They said they lost some money but they would take that over being out of a job with no money at all any day.

I realized that my mom isn’t in my head. I am. If retail would be too draining on me, that’s that. If I want something where I can always move if I have to, that’s that. If being around so many people will make me anxious and I want something where I can not be in crowds, that’s that. Schools need to stop telling kids they will end up working at McDonald’s if they don’t go to college. Instead, teach kids other ways they can make it if college doesn’t work out. What if I told you someone can go to college and still end up in fast-food because they lack the high expectations of the employers? Entry level jobs are not what they seem now a days.  The faster an employee can start working, the faster the company makes money. Therefor its easier for them to hire someone with experience. Not all of us had the blessing of families who owned shops. I feel that’s how people who found employment got their experience.

I need to stop chasing after what people want me to do and what I feel is best for me. If working from home can allow me to give myself a much-needed break, I will do that. Work smart, not hard. Just because someone isn’t doing back-breaking work doesn’t mean it’s not a job.

About an ambition I had since I was 13/14.

I wanted to get into acting/voice-over work. What’s stopping you? I am afraid of rejection. No one has patience for an autistic person. The director probably will lose his/her patience with me if I struggle to learn the context of a line or performing said line in the context given.  I made a blog post previously about how the band director lost his patience and screamed at me when I was struggling on a dance move when I was a Jr. in high school.

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