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Facebook Messed Up And Creators Are Mad

August 6, 2023

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facebook has a few programs that allow you to monetize your reels/videos. Ads on reels, in-stream ads, performance bonuses, etc.

Around mid-July, I saw a notification that I was invited to monetize reels with copyrighted music. Before the reel was just demonetized. Facebook invited some creators into the program and creators saw their money go up. Then around the time Facebook calculates what you earned, they sent another notification that the earnings displayed were “an error” and creators saw a major drop. This affected me since it put me below the min threshold to get a payout which is 25 dollars.

This is why you don’t put your eggs in one basket. You will never know when an error will happen. However, being a small creator, I am not, by choice, putting my eggs in one basket. I have been promoting my kofi, Substack, art store, etc, and can’t get subs/sales. It’s hard to start up a gig because there is no telling how long you will go with no one buying your stuff until your base grows and such.

People wouldn’t be mad at Facebook if they came out and said the feature is new so there may be errors and your esitmated amount may be inaccurate or they wanted to release this feature, released it too early and creators will be reimbursed for their September check. Or something. Its the lack of communication that makes people mad. Just like one time I was out of town, stopped at Popeyes. Waited like 10 mins for someone to take my order. They waited until I stood there for 10 mins before saying they are only doing orders in the drive-thru because they were understaffed. I wasn’t mad that they were understaffed, I was mad that they did not communicate that they were only taking drive-thru orders. Not even a note on the door. Your customers are not mind readers. We can’t read your mind to know what you don’t have or how you have to do orders when understaffed.

Im sure the piss poor commuincation is what makes people mad. Not the situation at hand.

This will especally be concerning to disabled creators because this is the only job that they can do. There are several reasons why a disbaled person is unable to work. They should not be treated less than because of it. Especally when we do not know what’s happening behind the scenes.

Or someone who’s 9-5 was paying them so little they could not afford rent and Facebook, tiktok etc allowed them to afford things. Looking at a different point of view. If social media is paying me enough to afford bills then the hell I will turn to social media.

I watched a video from a creator and a commenter said someone is going to (or might) file a class action suit. I can’t find many videos on this. Had Facebook been clear from the get-go, people wouldn’t be mad.

The only thing we can do is see how things play out. Always have more than one line of $$ in case there is an error or something. I want to also point out for a small creator,it’s hard to find other $$ sources. It was easy to get 1K followers to unlock ads on reels, however its like finding a needle in a haystack to get subs on my kofi. I also want to say Kofi/Patreon is not a charity. You offer exclusive perkss and people sign up for the teir they can afford or the ones that have the best perks.

Support your small creators. If you can’t afford to join their Patreon or buy their merch, reblog their promo posts, maybe give their site a shout out in a video or somethiing. small creators need all the visability they can get.

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