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I Didn’t Go To College, I Won’t Go To College, And That’s OK

July 23, 2020

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I finished high school in 2014. I didn’t have plans for when I finished. The high school pushed college on us. I wish that schools teach you other ways to be successful besides college. College doesn’t work for everyone. My old therapist, before she left, kept pushing going to college on me when I clearly told her I will not be able to handle the workload, the stress, the pressure, etc. I told her if I ever went to school it will be online.

Honestly, going to college won’t guarantee a job. Plenty of college grads finish school and still don’t get hired. Tried telling her school and a job will be too overwhelming. I don’t want my studies to slip. That is all. So many kids fail school because of their job; not having time to study.

The reason I think this is happening is that when you apply for a job you put your education. If the person has a degree the employer can think ‘oh this person is going to quit soon as something in their field opens up’ and not hire them.

The reason I wrote this blog post

Someone sent me a message on a blockchain Facebook site called one time asking me if I planned on going to school instead of ‘watching videos on YouTube.’ And that ‘I need to do something until people can pay me to blog.’ They are not wrong. But why college of all the other things? I can take marketing courses to learn the proper way to promote my stuff etc. Take coding classes. Learn more editing skills for my videos, skills that could help me grow my channel. Skills that could help me earn sales on the Amazon affiliate program.

I am sick of having to go to college pushed on me. When I was down south someone asked me if I was going to college. Jeez, there is more than just college! The fact that college was so normalized that someone not going to college got people so sus. My aunt was sus when I told her I was not going to college. It’s my choice. I want to learn how to code. I don’t need to go bankrupt for something I can learn for free on YouTube. I don’t owe anyone an explanation regarding a choice I made for my well-being.

College does not guarantee a job as people think

Go to college and struggle to pay student loans when I finish? Still, struggle to find a job because employers don’t want people who had just finished school for some reason?

I just can’t go through having NTs hate me for being different, anymore. I always went through that throughout Jr. high and my freshman year of high school. Autism in adults gets overlooked so what if that happens and I am left to struggle? When that idiot counselor refused to believe I am autistic I ended up not getting the help I needed and I struggled as a result.

You don’t HAVE to go to college if your career choice doesn’t call for it. If you wanna be a doctor or a nurse that is one thing. Art, coding, music, owning a business, performing arts (like acting) can all be self-taught or you can take a course from someone to learn about these things. I wanted to get into voice-over work right. spending money on college that you could put a down payment on a car or a course from someone else around 100 bucks. Which is more affordable?

I don’t want to go to college. That is plain and simple. Do not question me on it. It is a choice I made due to mental health and other reasons. College is not the only way to be successful. Schools simply do not teach other methods like a trade school, joining the military, etc. My school did have a military program for kids who wanted to join the armed forces when they graduated. That’s it. No mention of starting a business, trade school. YouTube may not be a stable job due to demonetization. Get a website. Show ads on your site. Provide a product/service for people etc.

I did try everything I could due to not being able to find a job that probably led that guy to send me that message

I do admit I set my priorities on trying to make it on YouTube because no one will hire me. Most employers do not want to hire disabled people, especially autistic people. Instead, I wanted to study how to make my videos better. The job market is unpredictable. No one knows what it could favor a year from now. Take someone who let’s say dropped out of college because it was too much for them and they study up on SEO and having an online empire. They lost their job at Walmart. They launch their e-empire and it’s successful because they took the time to study and improve their marketing vs someone who went to college, can’t get hired and they are in debt.

If someone doesn’t want to attend college, respect that, It’s time for schools to show other ways you can make it.

I wrote this back in 2019 or around the time I started this blog after I bought hosting. Editing this as of 2022. The epidemic is the perfect example. It still doesn’t seem safe to go back to in-person learning. It should not have taken an epidemic to normalize working remotely/remote learning.

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