My First Impressions

My First Impressions When I Played Life Is Strange 2 For The First Time

March 8, 2022

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When this game originally came out in 2018, I didn’t get to enjoy it because I could not afford a gaming computer or a console. I like playing games myself and watching a let’s play or stream to see how other people play the game.

Fortunately, the COVID checks allow me to put into my business (aka my Youtube and my blog) and I got a PS4. Then I bought the first Life Is Strange and Before The Storm. Then episode 1 of Life Is Strange 2 became free for PSN/Xbox/Steam etc and I downloaded it on my PS4. Then got the rest of the season when it was on sale.

Here are my first impressions.

There will be spoilers so. yeah. I warned you.

Episode 1

I kept getting the brothers’ names confused. I called Daniel Sean and Sean Daniel. I would say “where did the little guy go?”

When I saw the timed speeches when talking to Danny outside of a cutscene I thought of Telltale games because in those games you’re timed for picking the line. I was unaware of the hidden timer speeches.

I thought the neighbor was a jerk.

I said ‘they didn’t do anything wrong’ when the cop showed up.

I didn’t expect that to happen to the Dad. I should have. knowing how Don’t Nod plays with our emotions.

When S&D was in the forest. It reminded me of the Last Of Us. When Daniel said the fungus looked like a Clicker, I immediately thought of the last of us. I had just finished my let’s play of the first Last of Us and just started the second game when I started LIS2.

Daniel scared me when I went to look for him after they saw the fungus on the tree. I jumped when Daniel charged out.

I thought Daniel was cute and his actions were on point for a child. We are not playing a post-apocalyptic game like The Walking Dead Or the Last Of Us (or resident evil in revelations 2 you are with Nathalia when you have control of Berry)

I challenged Daniel to the wood race and he beat me. I thought it was a fun challenge.

When S&D first saw the dog at the truck stop, I thought they would take it at the moment.

I didn’t understand Daniel’s moral compass.

I thought Brody was the MVP for helping us.

Knowing how answering Kate was important in the first game, I called Lyla back before Sean tossed his phone.

I wondered why Sean couldn’t disable the GPS on his phone or get a burner.

I didn’t think Daniel would learn about Dad on the TV. I thought Sean would get to tell him.

I thought the acting was great even before I ‘deviated.’ For those who don’t know I’ve been saying the emotional moments made me “become a deviant” a reference from another story game, Detroit Become Human (a first impression blog post coming soon for that game)

The chapter for when S&D are on the bus, long Road Ahead, reminded me of episode 3 of The Walking dead telltale because that episode has the same name. Because for a portion of the episode you are traveling and S&D are traveling

Episode 2

I thought each home S&D had would be a temp home. Meaning they wouldn’t be chased out by the police or any other event that went awry. They were able to leave when they were ready.

After you save Stephen (or he gets hurt) from the cupboard I said “it’s the sheriff” when the camera panned the window.

I thought Daniel’s cold was just a side effect of his power. Like when Max in LIS 1 used her power too much, she had nose bleeds and headaches.

I didn’t expect Mushroom to die. Since they were going to their grandparents. I thought maybe they wouldn’t mind. if you look around enough, Daniel looks at a photo of Claire’s late dog. So Claire wouldn’t have minded keeping Shroom. If the cops came she can say Chris got a new dog and she watches the dog for him when Charles is working and Chris is at school.

I liked the neighborhood. I thought it was a cool place. I liked the wintery look.

I thought Chris has powers as well as Daniel.

Stupidly when Sean wakes up and Daniel is gone, I thought the Renolds took him to church then remembered we are supposed to be laying low. I didn’t see the note he left on the drawing thing bc I looked at my laptop.

When Chris ran out to stop the police car I was like “what is he doing.” And “aww he wants to help us escape.”

Episode 3

I hated Big Joe and Merrill on sight.

When S&D worked on the pot farm reminded me of the walking dead season 2 when

Clem and the crew worked on Carver’s camp. However, Clem was captured and forced to work at Carvers.

S&D couldn’t work anywhere else but Big Joe didn’t capture them, tie them up and make them work there, and threatened harm if they didn’t. When Cass is complaining, Big Joe even says “no one is making you babies work here.”

Merill says “I gave you punks work when no one else would and a place to crash for free” (when you get busted breaking into his house) which means they voluntarily worked there. Hannah even says “then go” when Cass talked about leaving.

Merill still did hurt/kill folks. Just like Carver. I still felt the episode 3 villain at a camp connection.

Carver refused to let them eat after the group got caught stealing the radios=Merill didn’t pay them after Big Joe caught Daniel sneaking around.

It’s just both episodes you are working at a camp the only difference is the crew at Merril’s were not forced against their will to work there. Merill is still a jerk no less.

Also, Kenny and Sean lost an eye in episode 3. I thought about Kenny losing his eye as well. And it’s the same eye. When Sean lost his eye at the farm reminded me of when Kenny lost his eye at Carver’s camp.

When Merril refused to pay the crew when Daniel got caught, I thought the crew would go on strike.

When Finn asks Sean about the heist I agreed without a second thought because I thought them not getting paid was wrong. I watched an “everything wrong with Life Is Strange 2” video, the guy mentioned why Merrill wasn’t thinking about the child labor laws and I was like “oh that makes sense if I am not confused with something else.” Everything Wrong With LIS 2 by Dartigan is the video.

I thought the robbery would work. I played a lot of GTA 5 before I started LIS.

Episode 4

I thought Sean would get caught if he talked to Finn ( you will only see Finn if Daniel used his power.)

I hated that POS Chad. (the jerk who bullies Sean.)

When he was making Sean say the racist stuff in Spanish, I was trash-talking Chad.

When Sean found Daniel in Haven, I thought we could take him with us. I was so shocked that they turned Dan against Sean.

When Sean was expressing his anger towards Karen, I said I’d act just like Sean if my dad ever showed up one day my dad ditched me. So I related to Sean’s anger. I feel that’s why he said no when Daniel wanted to meet her because he didn’t want Daniel going through the same pain.

Nicholas, the guy who worked at the church, reminded me of Micheal from Grand Theft Auto 5.

When the fire started at the church I was like, Um are we gonna get out of here. And where is the smoke alarm, does Lizbeth not believe in fire safety. It should have been obvious but hey, my blind thoughts on games are always dumb.

When Jake looked at Sara Lee’s file and saw she was sick and Lizbeth wouldn’t take her to a doctor, after Jake said it was criminal I said “this is child endangerment”

When convincing a brainwashed Daniel and Sean mentions what we learned about Sara Lee, I picked the speech mentioning the grandparents. And how they had faith and would never let a child suffer. I wished Sean could have told Daniel Claire gave him meds for his cold and didn’t just pray it away. That episode proved why I sometimes avoid some religious people.

When the pastor who send the letter said they believe in the miracle of medicine I said “yes, thank you” and clapped. You can look in the room some more if you don’t get caught.

Episode 5

After the wall got wrecked I thought they’d cross the border while Daniel is explaining what he was excited to do.

I said, “I’d melt if I lived in the desert” when the brothers are at Away.

I thought they went to the main entrance because Sean didn’t realize how close they were. They probably lost track of where they made the hole.

When those assholes were getting arrested I was celebrating then when Sean got arrested my celebration ended.

I’ve had so many first impressions when I played this game. I enjoyed it more than the first 2 LIS games. I do hope more LIS games come out.

I did a marathon stream and play LIS 2. I am linking that because my upgrades were not complete when I first played LIS

The Lone Wolf ending made me “become a deviant.”

I was like “the cast should get an award for this feels train game” spoiler alert, I think they did (S&D at most). I didn’t know who anyone was until like a month after I finished my walkthrough. I don’t learn the cast of any game until I’ve beaten it for some reason. I’m the master of foreshadowing. I thought someone challenge them to deviate me. heh.

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