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My First Impressions When I Played Life Is Strange: True Colors

May 14, 2022

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This article will contain spoilers from Life Is Strange True Colors. I will be listing off my first impressions when i first played the game. This blog post may be short since the game itself is short. If you want to check out my blog about Life Is Strange 2. These are my first impressions when I played Life Is Strange: True Colors

Oddly, I thought Alex’s power was autism representation

When trailers and teaser clips dropped, we got a feel of Alex’s power. Alex has the power to read other people’s emotions and see things. Autistic empathy is different than Neurotypical empathy so I felt the power was a good visual of how autistics process emotion. When Alex reads the anger emotion she has trouble controlling it. Most of not autistic people have difficulting controlling certain emotions.

Episode 1 impressions

When the gameplay teaser videos dropped. I thought, since Gabe’s death was announced from the start, Gabe’s death would trigger Alex’s powers like watching someone die activated Max and Daniel’s power.

I thought Haven Springs was a pretty town.

When speeches I picked hand consequences it reminded me of the other games. In LIS 2 what I told daniel had consequences.

Mac scared me when he stormed in after Alex and Gabe’s jam session.

When we learned Alex can play the guitar and sing, it reminded me of Cassidy in the second game.

Ethan reminded me of Daniel from LIS 2.

I thought Ethan would be mad if I spilled the beans on him so I didn’t tell Gabe where he was going.

I thought Alex’s place was pretty cool.

When the crew rushed to the mine because Ethan was there, I underestimated the game when Gabe said he called the hotline to postpone the blast.

The way Gabe died surprised me.

When the alarm went out before the blast I was like ‘oh shit, we’re screwed” and “I thought Gabe postponed it!”

When Officer Pike jokingly arrested me I thought ‘bro do not do that what is someone has anxiety.’

Episode 2 Impressions

When Mac revealed he was working the night of the accident and didn’t get a call, I was thinking to myself “bullshit” I even thought he was responsible for what happened

Steph beat me in the football game.

The investigating Typhon reminded me of when Max and Chloe did their investigation on Rachel Amber.

I thought how every LIS protag lost a loved one after playing True Colors. Max loses Chloe if you save the bay. I would say Max is determinant and every other LIS playable character lost someone they loved

I told Elenor that she missed the wake because I thought it was the right thing to do. Her reaction was devastating. \

I had Charlotte sign the waiver because… well I make stupid choices when playing games blindly.

Episode 3 Impressions

I liked the LARP that Steph planned and later decided to do it to cheer up Ethan.

The battle system when you encounter an enemy reminded me of Deltarune, an AU of Undertale.

When Steph flirted with Diane to get the flash drive I was surprised. I thought Diane’s reaction was kinda cute.

When the flash drive was locked I was like “bruh that would have been too easy.”

When Alex said something like ‘this anger could kill her’ it reminded me of the Sims 4. If your sims stay “very angry” for too long, it will kill them. So I took Charlotte’s anger.

When Alex lashed out and broke the trophy I was like ‘wow omg. I shouldn’t have taken Charlotte’s anger.’

I thought ‘Rhea’ was a person.

Episode 4

I thought the spring fest was pretty. I said ‘that wouldn’t work here in the midwest it does; ‘t warm-up officially until like Memorial Day” I think it was March/April when Alex arrived at Haven.

I without hesitation gave the rose to Steph

You know the NPC Alex can help each episode. I managed to help the NPC win the jelly bean contest on my first try. I was surprised because I suck at games.

Pike arrested me for real I was like ‘yeah nice try’

When Pike said the flash couldn’t be used as proof I asked ‘was it because it was obtained without a warrant?’

When Steph and Ryan were on Typhon’s watch list I was like “dang how did they know?”

I took Pike’s anxiety to reassure him that I knew what I was doing.

When Jed wanted to show me what Typhon was hiding, I said “hes the MVP” when he loaded his gun I took it back.

When Jed shot Alex I was like “what the fuck?”

I was like ‘did they just pull an episode 4 of the first LIS with Jefferson?”

Episode 5

When the game starts, it’s a flashback of the events up until Alex moved to Haven. it reminded me of when we do the nightmare with Max. And Before the Storm farewell playing as Max before William died and Max moved.

I thought Alex could be autistic. When you listen to the flashbacks at the foster home, Alex sounds upset when the people took her guitar. Most if not all autistic people will get upset when they cannot have their stim toys/regulators. Alex’s guitar seems to be a good coping mechanism.

Also in her file in the first scene mentions her lash outs or something. I talked about how people saw my ADHD/autistic traits when mine was undetected. I feel she was having meltdowns but they were mistaken for her lashing out and such.

When Alex’s mom died and we saw her aura, I was thinking the mom’s death started her power. In LIS 1 and 2 someone getting killed in front of the protag started the power. Therefore I thought seeing Gabe die activated her power.

One question, how did Alex survive that fall? And her glasses were perfectly intact.

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