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Poorest Performing Videos From July 2021

August 1, 2021

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The poorest performing videos from July 2021. I shouldn’t have as many for this months as I did for June.

So far only a few videos did poorly on SImming with Jazz. Last month I added almost all of my videos from Simming With Jazz. So June was just a bad month for my channel.

Sp far just one video for Gaming With Jazz. Views may go back down due to next month’s kids going back to school. Or maybe everything will go up since we seem on the brink of another lockdown.

I add videos lower than 15 views.

Also, I am streaming on Twitch. I will stream games I don’t have room for. I stream every Saturday.

I will start posting Twitch Highlights.

(06) Ellie Learns The Truth|| The Last Of Us 2|| Simming With Jazz – YouTube

I always add the last video before starting the new month.

This month, I don’t have as many poor-performing videos. June was a bad month for my channel. August is probably going to be bumpy due to school starting soon.

I am streaming on Twitch now. For games I started but never finished/continued will be moved to Twitch and I can just do episode minis.

Keep an eye out.

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