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Poorest Performing Gaming Series Of 2022 (Part 1)

March 4, 2022

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Here I will showcase the gaming series(s) that performed the poorest. Sometimes my channel hits times where it’s harder to get views than normal. Here I round up those games to help viewers find them.

Resident Evil 6

I wanted to play games I missed out on when I didn’t have a good computer to play them.

Series Playlist

Beyond 2 Souls

The series started off alright then the views started to drop after episode 3

Series playlist

Its easier to round up the playlist for each series. I can link the single videos for (lets say Roblox)

Series playlist

Roblox death run brought back one of their maps from Death Run 2 during the 2013 era. I did one turn as the killer and another one as the runner

My Marathon Stream For The LIS remastered

Series playlist

I did a marathon stream for the Life Is Strange remastered collection. There were a few videos where views were down. As I said, it is easier to link the playlist(s)

Wolf Among Us 2 trailer (single video)

I think the wolf among us 2 was going to come out sometime in 2018 or 2019. However Telltale games announced their closer. Skybound finished the Walking dead final season.

Then Telltale came back sometime in 2020 if I remember correctly.

I will round up the series that performed poorly last year.

I used to round up the videos that did badly each month but got burned out. So I rather round up the series(s) that did poorly after I’ve finished it.

I will publish a post when I am motivated. This is to keep up the quality of my content.

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