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Poorest Performing Videos From May 2021

June 1, 2021

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This blog post will have the videos that performed poorly in May 2021. May is usually the hardest time for my channel due to prom, graduation, finals etc.

I round up any video that gets fewer than 20 views. Perhaps folks may have missed my uploads. Also by putting my videos on here it can increase traffic to my YouTube channel.

I want people to know if a channel is not getting the views it should doesn’t mean they are doing Sub4Sub or doing something “wrong.” Viewers subscribe with full intentions to subscribe but if they don’t enable notifications, they may not see your videos. I follow a Youtuber called Fresh Prince Yup a viewer commented that they thought he quit YouTube because they haven’t been seeing his videos. I watched another Youtuber who said they’ve gotten messages from viewers who thought she quit YT because they haven’t been seeing her videos. This was back in 2017.

That’s why I made the monthly content calendar then you can set a reminder in your phone.

I will start rolling out facecam. It will be slowly but surely. Roblox goes up on Friday’s. Fridays might be busy for some people.

The Last Of Us series started to tank after maybe the 3rd part. I will link the playlist for you if you wanna catch up on what you missed.

Roblox Stepford County Railways. Like I said, May is the worst time for my channel due to exams, prom etc. Mid June will also be a tough time due to E3 and other events.

Roblox 2020 story. This game is a rewind for the events that took place in 2020. From the fires to the virus.

I unbox an Elgato Capture card. This will make life easier for capturing your gameplay from your Xbox/PS4/Switch. I was suppose to post this on Weds the 19th but I didn’t look at my planner

Preparing for the Jewelry Store Heist In GTA 5.

The Last Of Us II. This game came out last year. See? I played a ‘new’ game and the video is still struggling view-wise. When I started doing gameplay videos in 2017, people complained about me playing ‘old’ games or assumed my videos performed poorly because I’m playing ‘old’ games. I assume they thought I’d get more views playing new games.

The Sims isn’t doing as badly as other games. I can post that more now that I have a better laptop.

I do voice impressions when I play Undertale. I feel this will reel the viewer in.

I unbox a cooling pad for gaming laptops

May is a tough time for my channel view wise.

Its a holiday. I still figured it would be slightly easier to post a shorter video than a long lets play. The last video that goes up will be here regardless of how it performed.

The peak break will extend through June. I did something called a monthly content planner. I will merg it onto this post. On my gaming with jazz channel Detroit Become Human is coming. Other than that. Roblox, LIS 2 is still going up.

Nothing new for Simming With Jazz.

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