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Why Autistics Do Not Like (Some) Neurotypicals

May 30, 2020

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NTs (neurotypicals) are people who aren’t neurodivergent (ND). Autistics (most if not all) do not like NTs. I don’t mean all of them. To avoid being taken out of context and labeled the villain. I am clearly talking about the NTS who bully ND people. There we are. If the NT misreads us, it’s automatically our fault. In an autism group, someone shared a link about an autistic being bullied by NTs. I said ‘this is why I can’t stand NTs.’ Someone got angry with my comment and said I am ‘just as bad as the article.’ So it’s MY fault YOU misread the comment. If you don’t bully ND people, my comment didn’t apply to you. I could have said the same thing about them. They are just as bad gaslighting me for feeling how I feel.

When we are misread it’s our fault. People get angry and you’re the bad guy when you call out how they treat you.

NTs. You can’t take responsibility for once and it’s always our fault. I explained how NTs treated me in school and they made it all about them instead of something like ‘ I am sorry for home some NTs treated you, it’s people like them that give us good guys a bad name.’ But no. I am not saying that is what the person should have said. They should have had an understanding instead of labeling me as the bad guy.

I don’t despise all NTs only the ones that come down on anyone that is not different.

If I said it for no reason that’s one thing. They bully us, they belittle us. They think insulting us makes them look smart and makes them better than us. If a group of people treats me badly I have a reason to not like them.

All my life I have been around Nts. All through school. Even in public. I am tired of being belittled, bullied, insulted by Nts. Why can’t they just be nice? It’s not that hard! In school when the teacher would call on me when I didn’t know the answer, I’d get laughed at.

We are labeled ‘sensitive’ when we have every right to not like the treatment we are getting. I think this is a tactic people use to avoid owning up to their actions.

If I didn’t know something I am labeled stupid by Nts for that.  In an Nt world. You don’t know something=you’re stupid. You’re different=weird. You need things different= a threat to society.
You want respect= you’re entitled. I will not respect someone who treats me like trash over a disability I never wanted. You get what you put out. If you’re a nice people will return the favor. If you’re a shitty person, you will get it back. Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

On my Steemit blog, this asshole insults me because I didn’t understand what witnesses are on the blockchain. I thought he was asking me if my rewards were going missing or something.  I just didn’t understand his explanation. How hard would it have been if he said ‘witnesses do XYZ, they are important because ABC, without them, DEF can happen.’ I guess insults are more convenient to the Nts then. Sometimes I feel it’s better pretending I understand when I don’t. It’s better than being insulted by Nts. Why should I like Nts when all they do is come down on me for something I never wanted?

I could have been new for all he knows.

I think they don’t know that you are autistic, but they notice something ‘odd’ which makes them think they are invited to bully us.

It doesn’t make sense to me. I despise Nts. I hate them. I wish they knew how much they hurt us when they insult us, hold us on such high standards, mock us for being different.

I am sick of their lame excuses for treating us so horribly. We are just different, we are not murderers for Christ’s sake!

I admit I can be an asshole but only if you give me a reason. Unlike NTs, I won’t be an asshole to someone who didn’t do anything to me. An autistic kid minding his business and a NT come over and mock his stims. As an example. The kid didn’t do anything to anyone

We are not stupid because we don’t get your bullshit. Let’s call everyone stupid because you explain a movie to them and they don’t get it. Let’s call everyone stupid for not being like you. Nts, stop your bullshit excuses and treat us like humans beings and we’ll stop hating you.  We just didn’t hate you out of thin air. You treat us like shit. You can’t expect to be shitty to someone and want respect. Now that’s an entitlement. Treat us like human beings. It’s not that hard. Sorry having compassion doesn’t tickle your ass. All I am saying is you can’t treat a community like shit when they didn’t do anything to you and then get angry when they call out why they don’t like you and it’s their fault for feeling that way.

What you say about us, the same can be said about you. Have you ever thought about that? You call us sensitive, we can call you an asshole with no compassion for anyone other than yourself.

Also a while back, Tik Tok had an Autism ‘Challenge’ basically mocking autistic people. That is why we don’t like NTs. They used our disorder for clout.

If you’re horrible to someone, they have a reason to not like you. Back in 2015 or 2016, for no reason, a girl on my timeline on Facebook went off on me in the DMs, blocked me and tried turning everyone against me. FOR NO REASON, WHEN I DID NOTHING TO HER. I hated her guts until this day. The point is she gave me a reason to hate her. She hated me but I did NOTHING to her. I hate her but she tried turning all of her Facebook friends against me. I do dislike or outright hate people sometimes. They did something worthy of my hate. Autistic people did nothing to you other than wanting to be your friend and you bully them.

There’s a big difference. I wish people understood that.

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