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Winning My Disability Case, 2 Months Later

April 16, 2020

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Back in February, I released a blog post regarding my disability case. I thought I would make a follow-up post. The first post can be found here.

So the first week of March, I got a letter from SS and I had to pass the non-disability requirements (one thing the lawyers did not tell me after the judge’s decision.)

Fortunately, I passed the non-disability requirements. So now I can finally buy my own things. I no longer have to fully rely on people to buy me things. I can pay for hosting for my blog, upgrade my equipment for YouTube. I can pay for my own phone bill. Also, since my grandpa doesn’t want to put gas in the truck and buy food, I can step up and do that. I will start with 500 bucks. They said I can pay for house expenses and apply for a raise later on. I planed on contributing anyway. I want to leave money left over so it adds on to the next pay.

I can make up to 200 bucks on the side. At this rate, I can carry on with my blogging. Working from home is better for me. To prevent me from getting stressed and overwhelmed easily. Also now is not to time to look for a job anyway because of this damn virus. I recently added ads to my blog. I also have a redbubble shop for my art. You only get a commission for Redbubble sales. I made 3 SO far. I will later sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program when I can get at least around 1,000 views. Amazon gives you 6 months to make a sale or they close your account. It’s happened 2 times already. Or maybe I need a better method. Making a video and a blog post. Reviewing products that I own.

The point is I won’t outright make a lot of money from my blog so it won’t hurt anything.

If I were to get a ‘regular’ job, I’d only be able to do 2/3 times a week to not pass that 200 dollar mark. Knowing how unpredictable most if not all jobs are, you have to factor in the possibility of my schedule hopping around. If they give me more hours than I can work, my benefits may be at risk.

At least doing this I know I won’t make that much right away.

I started posting content on and getting a very small amount of money. I will still turn that in, I won’t need at as much and I can let it build up to a good amount. Meaning back when I failed at saving money to go down south and I didn’t get as much as I thought from Steemit, I won’t be in a rush and I can save it for a rainy day. I won’t be in a rush to collect all of the money from my blog. I can save half from my check and the other half from my blog.

I won’t have to constantly promote my art trying to get sales.

I can chill a bit.

I just want to say that.

Disability benefits are not handouts. They are given to people with physical/mental disabilities who need it. Getting on disability is hard and a long battle. Getting disability benefits is not the same as getting a shampoo sample. People call it a handout and they literally hand out samples when you walk into a store. Get it?

It is an accomplishment for some after getting denial after denial. We can finally do something for ourselves and get on our feet. Don’t guilt us for that. The sad thing is there are people who leech off of things they don’t need and that causes us to get looked down on as lazy and taking handouts.

In other words, the doctor mentioned a job program after my benefits started. I am done with those. Never again will I do job programs. You can read this blog post to understand why.

I also explain here that programs won’t stop employers from discriminating against us.

Also, hardly anyone will be hiring in the middle of a pandemic. Places are closing down.

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