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Poorest Performing Videos|| Week Of 7/25

July 29, 2022

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In this blog post, I round up the videos that perform poorly. I add the videos that got fewer than about 15 views or so. Certain times of the year are rough view-wise. It’s back to school season. So that will have folks busy.

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Videos From Gaming With Jazz that did poorly

Beyond 2 Souls|| Like Other Girls

  • Jodie wants to go out with her friends. Nathan and Cole won’t let her. The player can use Aiden to help Jodie sneak out

Beyond 2 Souls|| The Party

Nathan drops Jodie off at a birthday party. When it’s time to hand out the gifts, Jodie gives the birthday girl her gift. The girl does not like the gift Jodie brought which makes the kids, not like her. The player can pull a Carrie reference on the teens.

Roblox Is Removing the Oof Sound

Roblox announced that they are removing their iconic Oof sound. When your avatar died or when you reset your avatar, you heard an Oof sound.,

Overall videos that performed poorly

This Bossight Is Making Me Rage|| Vampyr Part 8

Jonathan sees a mysterious figure in the distance. He follows the entity. He, later on, sees that it’s his sister, the person he bit when the game started. When he didn’t know that he is a vampire

Confronting Sean

After getting the information he needs, Jonathan is ready to confront Sea Hampton aka the Sad Saint. The player can choose to spare him or embrace (kill) him.

The Sewer Dog

John needs more information about Sean. While exploring the sewers, John encounters the sewer dog

I have a lot of videos that do poorly, I will make a part 2 to add the overall videos. I wil leave this post pinned on my Twitter profile for one week.

Poorest performing videos for Simming With Jazz

Learning To Hunt

In this episode, we learn how to hunt deer. The group prepares for their first heist, robbing a train

Playing Red Dead Redemption For The First Time

This is my first time playing Red Dead Redemption. This game is like GTA 5 but more western style.

Grounded| The Sims 3

Kaylee and Ben get grounded after the police catch them out past curfew. If you have generations installed, your child/teen sims get curfews.

Max gets a mission to sneak one of his books into China, If you have the world adventures pack, your sims get missions in other countries.

There are quite a few videos that did poorly. I will do part 2 so there won’t be so many videos on the page.

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