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This Post I Saw Is Sickening

September 5, 2020

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Why did I become an angry autism activist. Listen. My context of being an ‘autism activist’ is more or less using my angry voice to put my foot down against the hatred autistic people face. Originally, what sparked my interest is when I went through that useless club ( you would be a millionaire if you got a dollar every time I talked about the club). When the lady said I wasn’t autistic because of ‘how I talk.’ This got me thinking that so many autistics go without the help that they need because of the stigmas. So I started blogging about autism where I debunk the stigmas.

I also caught wind to vaccines causing autism. I think they just hate autistic people and use the vaccine mess to cover up their hatred. How can a vaccine cause something you’re born with? You are born with ASD and a child does not get their first vaccine until 6 months? 1 year old?

The photo above was shared from someone who clearly hates people who are different. The fact that the hatred is so strong they think people who are different should die is sicking. For a damn disorder they did not ask for!

If ya’ll stop listening to bullshit stigmas and misinformation and listen to the facts and actually get to know someone with autism, you will realize you were wrong. A Different way of learning doesn’t make them no less. Everyone has a different method of learning.

What if it was reversed and we think people in wheelchairs are burdens and think they should die? People would protest, right? It’s not their fault. It’s not ones fault for having a disorder.

How is caring for an autistic person a ‘financial burden?’ Imagine if we were talking about folks in wheelchairs. You mean to tell me someone is a quote on quote ‘burden’ for needing therapy or what else they need. Your car needs to have things done to it like changing the oil. If you don’t change the oil you will burn the engine. In a way we are like cars, you need to take care of them so they can run. Whatever that person needs is how they function. Your car won’t function for long if you are not giving it the care it needs. All we need is the right care. I hope I explained that right. I mean like your car needs the required car to run. Before I had accommodations, I struggled with my school work. After getting accommodations, it got easier. The way I see it. Think about it like windows and mac. The autistic is let’s say Linux. Just because they are not windows or mac doesn’t make the computer any less. Linux wants to be accepted like windows and mac. And we want to be accepted. Just because we are different doesn’t make us bad people.

Shame on you for thinking someone should be put down ( I mean like what you do to an animal) because they are different? What I want to know is. What did we ever do to you? Why is it a problem that someone needs help?

Some of us can live on our own, some of us need help. And we are not ‘ruining our parents’ lives. Parents bend over backwards for their kids. How dare you?!

Parents fight to the grave so their kid can be placed in the right school, so they can get an IEP etc. Yes raising a child with special needs can be challenging but thinking people who are different should die for that reason is beyond sick.

The person who wrote this message should be ashamed of themselves. If I posted that people with disabilities should die, I would not sleep at night. This person just declares we should die and go on with their life

Yes, autistic folks have learning challenges. They can achieve great things if they can be taught how they can learn.

I just don’t get it. I don’t. Parents have every right to be protective of their kids. My mom was over protective and you know what. God forbid you get sick or hurt and need assistance only to log into Facebook and see someone saying you need to be put down over something you didn’t ask for.

We are not broken. We just run on a different operating software. Like anything, it needs updates. The way I see it, that assistant you think is ‘draining’ is what we need to keep on running.

It pains me to see stuff like this. This is why education is important. This type of ignorance is outright dangerous. I think the anti-vax movement is just an excuse to hate autistic people. That shows they rather have their child sick/dead than autistic. I mean if folks don’t want to vax their kids so they ‘don’t get autism’ it really shows.

This uneeded hatred has to end.

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