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Reasons Why I Hate Being Autistic

January 30, 2020

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Well, I’m back on the channel that I previously had for autism content. I still will post it on my main channel. I am also putting it on my second channel because I don’t want a video sitting for months before it goes live. Here is a written version of my video regarding reasons why I hate being autistic.

In retrospect, I wish I could be normal. It’s so hard being in a world that you don’t understand. It’s rough being in a black and white world and being around people who don’t understand you or people who don’t want to understand your world.

I will talk about some reasons why I hate being autistic. Sometimes I would rather be ‘normal’ than to be hated for existing. Due to misinformation about autism. I would rather be normal than people making their own judgments rather than asking me. Society makes it hard for us. Society makes it hard for people with hidden struggles. There is a stigma that if you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. You can’t see human organs with the naked eye, I guess you don’t have organs because you can’t see them. 

We are treated poorly

Believe it or not, autistic people are treated very poorly. I saw an article where an autistic woman was looking for an apartment and the landlord refused to rent her a room because of her autism.  Wanting more information. I read the article and she told the guy she has autism and he said “we don’t rent to people like you” and voided her lease. I think people fall to the stigma. People get the wrong idea about autism and we’re treated like we aren’t human beings. Just because someone is different does not mean they are less than. We don’t want ‘special’ treatment. We just want your acceptance and understanding of our hurdles. It’s human decency to treat folks with respect. If someone wanting respect is ‘entitled’ then you’re the problem. 

The tendency to offend people without intentions

We have the tendency to offend people without intentions. This boils down to our lack of social skills. An outsider would see you as an insensitive person when really you meant no harm but what you said came out the wrong way and could have been worded better. Lots of misunderstandings can occur. We have the tendency to over-explain due to the previous incidents resulting in us NOT being clear enough. Outsiders would see it as too much info or may find it annoying. Outsiders don’t understand our social difficulties. Some people would never understand unless it happens to them. 

The Lack Of Education

The lack of education. Misinformation. Stigmas. All make it harder for us. It causes our issues to be ignored. Labels like ‘high functioning’ give people the wrong idea and think that means you have it easy and don’t have problems.  I went through a program that I thought would help me get a job.

The lady I was put with disregarded my autism because of “how I talked.’ Apparently, there is a stigma that if you can talk you’re not autistic. I have never heard of that being a reason to not be autistic The stigma is if your vocabulary is good you’re not autistic. This is FALSE. Your vocabulary has nothing to do with autism.

Your talking style has nothing to do with autism. The lady wanted to stay misinformed and I ended up struggling throughout the program as a result of this. People brush our struggles off as ‘excuses’ and ‘the easy way out.’ Or saying ‘everyone does that.’

We all use the bathroom but if you’re doing it 20 times a day, something is wrong. Think of a handyman who needs the right tool to fix your TV. Think of small adjustments as the ‘tool’ and us the handyman and we need the tools aka adjustments.

This most likely will be seen as ‘special treatment’ to outsiders. God forbid something unfortunate happens to them and they need ‘special treatment’ to thrive. Accommodations are NOT special treatment. If that’s the case closed captions for deaf folks must be special treatment. I rant about that lady on this blog post.

Difficulty Understanding Things

An autistic brain sees things differently than a NT brain. You can explain something to us and your explanation may be confusing to the person. You can only ask people to explain themselves so many times before they get annoyed. Sometimes I prefer to pretend like I understand (when I don’t) because I prefer that over being insulted by outsides who see me as ‘retarded,’ a common derogatory word used against people with learning difficulties. It’s happened several times. It’s like to NTs if you don’t learn like them you’re stupid or retarded which is false. Diversity my friend. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Just because someone doesn’t learn LIKE YOU do doesn’t mean they are stupid. If that is the case anyone that doesn’t eat, drive, cook, or dress like you is stupid. 

Unable To Get A Job

Autistic unemployment issues are different from NT employment struggles. NTs don’t face disability discrimination because wait for it, they don’t have a disability! I am currently unemployed due to autism. I earn money from my Steemit content but it’s not enough to live on. Hardly enough to survive on.  It takes me 3 months to get 20 dollars.

My learning difficulties prevent me from working. If I don’t start small I will get burnt out fast and end up losing interest. NTs, don’t have the problems we have. The workforce is more for them than us. I think it’s more on the anxiety side than autism but I just get terribly anxious being in public alone. We need quiet spaces.

  I feel at ease being with someone. I can’t have someone shadow me on a job.  Imagine how bad it will be being on a job for several hours. Also, interviews keep us from gaining employment. If there were more autism-friendly work settings it would be easier. I prefer to work from home since I can go at my own pace, with no crowds. It fits. My memory is poor so that will complicate a job. I will explain on this blog my autism and employment issues. Make sure you’re on the lookout. You will see it later on. I will talk about working from home. That is something you will see later. 

Closing Thoughts

I really hate being in a world I don’t understand and not knowing what is expected of me but someone automatically expects me to know things. Autistic people can thrive with the correct support. If the aspie is not getting support, they will struggle.

What is a ‘handout’ to you is the support that a person needs. Like when I posted in an autism group about winning my disability case, one guy saw it as a handout and ‘relying on the gov.’ And how he despises people who don’t pay taxes and ‘mooch off the gov.’  I guess if someone’s income doesn’t pass the threshold to file for taxes I guess he hates them, too.

I would channel my anger to someone who has nothing wrong with them and try to cheat the system to get the assistance they don’t need. Autism, ADHD, Mental illness, etc do count under the ADA to file for disability. He was too busy making judgments to realize that.

People run away when they find out you’re different. Do not fear those who are different. They are not your enemy. 

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