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The Word ‘Retarded’ is Ableist

March 10, 2020

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It is my mission to stand up to ableism. I talk about workplaces having ableist policies we should talk about ableist language used towards people with disabilities like autism and ADHD.

The word retard. People use this as a way to insult people, presumably because they think it means ‘stupid.’

On the other hand, this word IS, in fact, hurtful to people with disabilities. Imagine this, someone calls you retarded simply because you’re not an expert in certain things. You get angry/upset and they cover up their actions.

Just because someone doesn’t know what YOU like doesn’t give you the right to insult them. We all have different interests.

It isn’t just a word. Like how the N-word is offensive to black people, retarded is offensive to people with disabilities.  I do not intend to offend anyone but I am attempting to paint a picture.

When I was in Jr. High a guy in my class called an Indian kid a ‘dot head’ and the teacher wrote him up without second thought. He said it laughing. Can we have this same energy calling kids with disabilities retarded? Just like that teacher wrote the kid up for using xenophic slur toward his Indian friend, this is what I want to see if someone calls a disabled kid retarded.

The sticks and stones thing is BS. The way I see it, it teaches people not to have feelings. We are humans. Not machines.

We didn’t ask for learning disabilities.

It may take someone with autism longer than you to learn.

That does NOT make them stupid.  When I was in the 6th grade a kid labeled me stupid because I wasn’t into sports and politics like he is.

Rather than finding out what I like and what I know, I’m automatically stupid for not liking politics and sports like he did.

Automatically making up your mind about them simply for not knowing the same thing? Really?

I think the one thing that fueled this is teachers calling on me when I clearly didn’t know the answer and made me look like a fool in front of the class.

I just didn’t learn it yet. There is no set time to learn something. THAT’S WHY YOU GO TO SCHOOL.

If I tried to act like I know everything when the teacher corrected me I can see it. But I wanted to listen so I will know for the test.

Can we stop sterotyping people who learn differenly as ‘stupid?’

If that’s the case if someone took longer than you to learn sports, an instrument, singing, dancing, cooking, etc I guess they’re stupid then.

I am trying to make a point that calling someone stupid simply because they took longer than you to learn something is kinda, well stupid.

How do you know the received training that took longer than yours?

If someone calls you retarded and you don’t have a learning disability, of course, it’s not offensive to YOU. It’s still offensive. Your friend could have a learning disability and using this language. If you don’t say anything and laugh about it, your friend will get second thoughts about you.

A girl told me she went through 7 years of training to be a cheerleader, just because you learned in 1 year doesn’t make the girl who took 7 years stupid. My point is no one is stupid because they took longer than you to learn something.

It makes no sense to me.

Fucking admit you were wrong instead of covering your ass saying the person ‘deserved it’ or ‘asked for it.’ NO ONE deserves to be bullied and degraded simply because it takes them a minute to learn or they were confused by what you said.

We all learn differently. Instead of making up your mind they’re ‘stupid’ find out how they learn and use that.

If someone tells you not to use a word because it upsets them. Listen to that person. Stop making BS excuses to cover your actions. The R-word is used to stereotype people with learning difficulties.

You’re normalizing that people with disabilities are less than someone who is abled-body or someone w/o learning disabilities. You’re normalizing people with learning difficulties are dumb which is false.

That person you make fun of could save your life one day. You will never know.

They could solve a crime one day.

They could cure cancer one day.

You will never know if you keep making up your mind that they’re less than just because they did something ‘odd.’

Learn to understand differences not mock them. I’d rather like someone who is ‘different’ but they’re an amazing person to be around than someone who is ‘normal’ and they are an outright asshole.

Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you will be free from the consequences of your actions.

If you tell someone to stop using ableist language they may exercise their right to freedom of speech, ignoring that they are not free from the repercussions. That boy I talked about wasn’t ‘free’ from the teacher punishing him.

Imagine saying something ableist on Twitter and your boss sees it and promptly fires you.

Instead of making excuses to cover your ableism, fucking admit you were wrong. If someone calls you out on your ableism, they are not ‘entitled.’

Treating people with respect is basic human decency. Not ‘entitlement.’

The ableist I will call out shortly called me entitled for calling him out and he made excuses saying he bullies people if they ‘deserve’ it. I’m paraphrasing what he said. He thought I deserved to be bullied because I had so much trouble understanding what he was asking me to do or whatever.

Since we are talking about ableists, I want to call out a guy for belittling me because I had trouble understanding what he was telling me. Long ass essays confuse me more than a short but sweet paragraph with bullet points. Had he put his question in a short paragraph and bullet-pointed the reason behind it, it would have been outlined better for me to process it.

(Ex how many witnesses do they have. I am asking because

they do X

they do Y

if the wrong person is in charge they can do this)

When I write my blog posts I try to break up the paragraphs so they aren’t so long because I know some people have trouble with long paragraphs.

It seemed like he was asking me if these witnesses took my earnings in my balance on Weku and to check if I noticed anything off. I checked my balance and no transactions I didn’t authorize happened. Your history is on your page. It has the earnings you claim and any trades you made.

ableist part 1

Now if I had a video regarding whatever the hell he was talking about I would have had that light bulb moment. Since in most videos the person has visuals. I am a VISUAL learner, not a long-ass essay learner.

ableist part 2

Like what the hell is he saying?! Are witnesses taking my cryptos?  He didn’t explain this in a way I can understand but he wanted to play the victim and used excuses to back his reasons for bullying me.

He is the one like a damn highway with 5 overpasses ofc I couldn’t understand what he wanted from me. If it was in a short but sweet paragraph with bullet points I would have gotten a better idea.

ablesit part 3

Unfortunately, I lost the screenshots where he started belittling me. He did call me retarded. Sadly I lost the screens. In the future I will post this stuff on Facebook in case I accidently delete if from my computer. This is how it started and I thought I’d point out where the disconnect happened.

This was one of my

final messages after getting fed up with his ableism and bullying.

I should have ignored his comment. If I had ignored his comment this would have been avoided.


Lesson learned. If I am asked a question I don’t understand on a forum like this. Ignore them or else get bullied for having trouble.

A NT would understand this but us, we’d need visuals like a video explaining witnesses, what their roles are on the blockchain. People in videos use visuals to give their viewers a better picture. This site has DTube(a blockchain verison of YouTube), this guy could have found a video explaining witnesses. I guess he was too lazy to find one and insulting me and making excuses was more convenient. Or told me someone on the platform that I can follow to learn about witnesses.

It’s not nice. It’s not easy living in a world that is not for you. We don’t need people making us feel small because we don’t learn the same way.

Stop mocking people because they don’t fit in your circle.

It’s just something you don’t do.

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