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Travel Diaries// Orlando Florida 2009

April 2, 2020

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Occasionally I post some off-topic blog post. This is on my vacation to FL from 2009.

I went to Florida in 2009. I took a little vlog and I have some photos that I took while I away. I am into traveling and I would love to be a full-time traveler.

I will be blogging my trip to Florida. I will be posting some of my travel photos. I would love to go back to Florida someday. I love to explore new places. I was so excited when my folks told me about taking me to Florida. My grandpa helped pay for my plane ticket and my mom bought me a camera to take photos and videos.

I loaded most of my photos on my computer before the camera broke thank, Pete.

In the summer of 2009, I went to Florida with my grandma, my aunt, and one of her friends. We went there via plane. And rented an apartment and stayed there. It was better than a hotel because we were able to buy food and cook. Each day of the week, I did something fun, what good is traveling, only to stay at your hotel the whole time? Traveling is supposed to allow you to explore new things.

We had breakfast on the Patio. The watermark is just from my old handle.

We went on a tour of the Kennedy Space Center, there were 3 parts of the station, we took a shuttle bus to each center, and got to explore the station. It was a fascinating experience to see this space center. I’m a nerd. We saw a launch simulator that was beyond neat. I am glad this camera doesn’t have a flash since they do not allow flash photography.

It was a bit fun exploring the station. We even saw a little iMax film about astronauts. 3D films are out of this world!

The commute back was horrible due to traffic, but that’s Florida, right? I’m not from there, but I know of traffic being in Chicago. I also went to the pool after getting back, I needed it when I went to Florida it was the hottest time of the year. I went at the end of July or the first week of August. Tuesday, we toured other places in Florida no footage or pictures from that, because I felt it wasn’t fun, it was more of taking care of business. I was a kid, I was not into that kind of stuff. Nor did I understand what was being done.

BTW here is a photo of the main entrance.

Lovely ocean view

A nice photo of the ocean. I also saw a shark. Well, I saw his fin.

One of the rides at Uni Studios.

My grandma took this photo while my aunt and I were on the ride, we even went on a Spider-man simulation ride, it was cool, this is so much better than Six Flags. The visit was short when it rained and everyone had to leave. It was horrible getting out due to the traffic.

Me in front of the Merry-go-round

Wait. Here is the photo of me on the deck. Near a nice lake. If there were a hurricane we’d have to leave. Florida was so hot that week I was there.

A lovely couple sat with us at our table.

The cast let me get a photo of them, I got a photo with them, sadly my aunt has the photo. Sorry for the quality, like I said, from 2009 when I didn’t know much and my camera wasn’t the best or I didn’t have it on the right quality. I took some poor quality photos while waiting for dinner to start. Again, this is from 2009, and I didn’t know much about working on a camera.

My beautiful picture
My beautiful picture

I do hit a block when I write these blogs. I will try to improve ways to come up with ideas to blog about. I like to travel with someone just until I get the hang of things. If I get a chance to travel. I will take as many photos as possible. I like to have memories to look back on.

Look at the vlog pinned at the top of the post for more.

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