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Why I Chose To Work From Home (2020 Addition)

December 12, 2020

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Why did I choose to work from home? I am not actually there (yet) but I plan to strive to that point. Originally, I made the call to work from home after seeing that it will be impossible for me to seek employment due to autism and mental illness ( and a little physical stuff). At least a traditional 9-5.

Some physical conditions came up after I wrote this blog post and many others.

Even if I didn’t have autism and mental illness when hiring managers see that the only thing I did was from 2012/2013. Employers look at recent employment and will not look at something that far back. Even if they do, it will be hard to call for a reference if the place closed or the old manager left/died.

I decided I would have a shot if the job with what I already do. Say I apply to be a product reviewer I have experience in that. When I buy stuff for my YT I unbox it, test it, etc.

My mom wanted me to work in retail. I have zero experience in that. If they ask about my previous experience I will have nothing to say.

I had so much trouble getting my mom to understand because I cannot process my thoughts on a dime. I need time to properly map out what I wanna say and why. Think of it like giving a report for the school on why the teacher should elect you as their assistant for example. You want to map all the reasons why you would be a good asset for the teacher.

Therefore, if a client needs info on the content I can provide them, I can take some time to map out my thoughts before I type them. At interviews that will count against me. At least in my eyes, clients want to see you and want to make sure you deliver excellent quality.

To Avoid Unneeded Stress

Abled-bodied people/NTs have trouble getting vacations, PTO, etc approved, If they can’t even get that approved, how can I get days off approved for doctor’s appointments? You can argue I can do it on my days off. Remember just because YOUR job makes it easy to get days off doesn’t mean all of them do that.

Let’s pretend I had a job. I need to get into the doctor to get more meds and/or for follow-ups. I thought I had Tuesday off so I booked the appointment for Tuesday then they changed the schedule and I work on Tuesday. Especially if I am seeing a doctor that is only in on specific days.

I have to request Tuesday off. I will be under constant stress ‘what if it doesn’t get approved, I need to see this doctor, my cough started again’

If I work from home, do the work when I get home. I can always work around doctor’s appointments.

Also being allowed to work at a pace that fits me without being yelled at for going too slow. Tasks that have clear instructions. If someone e-mails me saying ‘I need you to write me an article about X’ that person wants me to ask questions to make sure they get what they are paying for. If I come to you wanting you to write an article for me I want to make sure you know what I want. What if on a job they may not have the time or patience to give me clear understandable instructions?

Being allowed to take as many breaks as I need when getting overwhelmed. On a job, I may not be able to do that

I Feel My Chances Are Better

How many non-profit autism companies need some actually autistic writers? Look at all the content on this blog that I have on the matter. I do have a ‘hire me’ tab for folks to understand my content better. When I was applying for jobs while going through that program, I saw that no one was calling me back. Maybe because my skills have no relevance to the job. How can a writing skill work for stocking shelves? That could have been my problem. However, if I see a non-profiled company looking for autistic writers to write blog posts. I can say ‘hey, these are the topics that I write about.’ The topics I write about could be something they never thought about but felt is interesting.

I Have More Control Over My Schedule

I have to start off light to avoid burnout. If I want to spend one-day researching topics, the next day mapping out what I want to write about, etc where is on a job I will have to do several tasks at once which will overwhelm me. However starting light, and spacing out the work helps. If you expect me to do several things at once, I will get burned out and the quality will be poor. However, if I am allowed to space out the work, you will notice a major difference in the quality.

It Allows Me More Freedom

I want to travel and do other things. Enjoy myself while I can. I missed out on several chances due to being unemployed and no one wanted to hire me. I do collect SSI but I want that to help me build my business. I don’t want to be on it forever. I rather use it as a way to allow me to build my brand. Before I could not do this due to not being able to work and hold down a job. I am 100% sure disabled people work from home.

Here are some bonus points

  • If I get sick I can take the time I need without problems
  • I can keep my routine. Pick a flow that fits me.
  • I can take as many breaks as I need.
  • I can work at a pace that fits me.
  • I won’t have to worry about putting myself a risk to make someone money ( bad weather or better yet; a global pandemic)
  • Working from home is safer considering the pandemic. If not a pandemic then dangerous heat/cold.

My folks may not understand I am doing what’s best for me. My mom likes to shame me and call me a child but turns deaf ears to the fact that I want to better myself and eventually have a job. It won’t be right away but slow and steady wins the race.

I know what my limitations are. Which is why made the call

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