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Why I Don’t Talk About Things Happening In The World

June 13, 2020

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Besides ableism, bullying, discrimination against disabled people, etc. I go silent with events that happen in the world. For example, when shootings are reported. I don’t talk about it, only share blogs and posts about it. Lord knows how I get taken out of context and labeled a bad person. That is why. The only time I really talked about the pandemic (one thing happening) is expressing how I feel my folks are being foolish playing Chicken with a deadly virus when they are hearing on the news about how fast it has spread. And they still took their ass to church, bunched together in the seats like crayons in a box. No social distancing, no one had on a mask. Other than that, I really didn’t post about it online outside of sharing posts. This is an example of something I can connect to.

Also, people on Twitter have this crazy idea actors are supposed to be perfect. And if they say the wrong thing w/o knowing it, they get slandered to bits.

Long story short. It’s because I am always taken out of context. This blog explains more

It’s a known fact that we are seldom to say something that upsets you or angers you. Due to the lack of social skills and how a situation can be seen. The thing is, they didn’t know it would be offensive or how it would be seen.

Missing social cues is a big one and/or misunderstanding them.

For example, a friend (who later left me) was upset on father’s day. She posted that she hated the day. I replied that I am right there with her. She said my dad is still alive. She didn’t know my dad doesn’t give a shit about me; he left my mom and me when I was little. I told her he loved her before he passed. And she saw it as judging her. I really have no intention to judge her. I will apologize once it’s made clear what I said/did offend the person. That’s the thing. I DON’T know what is offensive. It is an autism thing. I am talking about something a little more complicated. Autistics don’t know what is OK to say for more complicated situations.

When a shooting happens, everyone on Twitter, Facebook, etc will talk about it. People will make YT videos voicing how they feel. If someone sees me posting as nothing happened. (etc posting my regular content) They might get the impression that I don’t care about what is happening. The truth is, I do care. I really want to tweet about it or post it on Facebook. The reason I don’t is that knowing my track record, I know I may say the wrong thing and it will anger people and they think I am a bad person. Almost every time, this happens. It’s like playing chess and the people getting mad is like being checkmated. In chess, you have to think about the move you make, because the wrong move will go against you. This is what socializing is like for autistic people. I play a game called Life Is Strange if you make a mistake, the game makes you rewind. If I was Max Caulfield I will have to rewind a shit ton of times.

I am always taken out of context and people draw their own conclusion. On my Steemit blog, I posted a poll only for the sake of hearing what people thought about an update Steemit INC coded. This guy came along leaving me a damn essay. They drew their own conclusion that I wanted rewards handed to me. All because I asked people how theirs were affected after the update.

Why bother? I know that’s going to happen. I will be taken out of context, unintentionally say something offensive and people will outright think differently of me.

On Steemit and Weku (a Steemit clone) there was a certain person who always found some way to take me out of context.

I am sick and tired of exhausting games of socializing chess.

The best I can do is share posts to my pages so the OP gets more hits, for the blog, guest bloggers are welcome. For the YT, collab with me during my speed art topic (they can submit their own if they want).

From this moment on, if I have never personally witnessed it or experienced it. My lips are sealed. That doesn’t mean I can’t share posts to help the person get their message out.

I think my oversharing stems from this. In the past, when I didn’t explain clearly enough, I was taken out of context and slammed without hesitation. I feel I have to overdo it to the max just to avoid being read wrong.

That is why I never talk about things happening. Besides sharing posts. I really want to fight for what I believe. Because I don’t know what is OK to say, I don’t want to risk upsetting whoever is affected by said issue.

Constantly losing the game of social chess gets tiring after awhile. I’ve been losing the game since 3/4th grade. I was 9 when it started. I am 24 right now. 15 YEARS I’ve struggled with offending people without intentions and/or being read wrong and attacked.

This is why I feel it’s best if I don’t talk to anyone. It always comes out wrong.

Remember autism affects social skills. Obviously being able to decipher what is offensive to say or not plays a role in social skills. Along with missing non-verbal cues that you offended the person. That alone.

This is why I open the door for guest blog posts to help spread traction to said issues. I’ll say the wrong thing. Look, I had these issues for 15 years.

If you want to submit a blog post about a current issue and how it affects you as an autistic or a parent of a special needs kid, you

are welcome to do so.

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