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Why I Restarted My Channel

January 23, 2021

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I decided to make a blog post regarding why I restarted my YouTube channel. I shared this video on Facebook. The one thing I hate is when people leave me an essay. I either skim it or do not read it at all. The point is it seemed like the guy wasn’t hearing my message.

In November Of 2019, I decided to restart my channel.

I started my Aaliyah Holt channel in 2017. It was gaming, vlogs, and tutorials originally. The reason my channel was like that is that I didn’t have a good computer nor owned a console so I was limited as to what games I could play on my channel. My channel did fairly well with that. Viewers had options had they got bored with one type of content. Say a viewer got bored with gaming or didn’t like the game I chose. The viewer could very easily get adjusted to tutorials or a vlog. I don’t like basing my channel on only one thing. ( Ex only indie games or only story-based games) I ask myself can I expand on this topic? What happens if the viewers start getting bored? What if I run out of ideas?

The viewer won’t like every single video from you. If I only base my channel solely on one game and the viewer doesn’t like the said game, they may give up checking the channel vs if I add a mix for them.

How it started

In January of 2018, I wanted to post gaming more often and make the stupid mistake of moving vlogs and tutorials to other channels and making AH a gaming channel. I believe this made people not watch me. If I wanted to post more gaming I could have posted gaming 2 times a week and a tutorial once a week. And vlogs could have been a fun off-topic thing. Anything that wasn’t gaming or tutorial/advice-related would have been off-topic. I could not pull views on my videos after this change. If I didn’t share the videos, no one would notice them.

Having 350 subscribers and none of them are engaging with my content set a bad look on my channel. If I was getting 30 or 40 views a video would be a different story. I barely got 10 views a video upon the video going live. You can argue that Pewdiepie has 20% of his subs watching. The thing is they engage with his content. He still has a few active viewers watching, commenting, liking, etc. On my channel, barely anyone was engaging, liking, commenting, etc.
It’s like I didn’t even have subscribers.
I wanted a fresh start to learn from the one mistake that hurt my channel. Had I left my AH channel how it was supposed to be, then it wouldn’t have tanked as bad as it did.

My let’s Play hardly got any traction. I feel the viewer can’t tell how I am different from the crowd and didn’t want to bother. This is why I want to do the best moments videos first to tease at what to expect so the viewer can see how I am different. I may play the same games but I have funny reactions and funny losses.

Look at this best Roblox moments video. I put this together to tease viewers at what to expect when I play Roblox.

My channel was cross-niched

Now I set the tone. Gaming, Art, and tutorials/advice/commentaries. Cross niches can work as long as it somehow blends. If you do men’s beauty you can do men’s health. You have to keep up your health to keep your looks, to keep your image. So men will wanna know the things they need to do to keep their image. The same with women. I do speed art of video game characters. I can do tutorials related to gaming or YouTube. I can make a storytime video and have speed art in the background. I think that will spice things up over [inset video game character here] speed art. That started to bore me tbh.

Now I have something else viewers make like if they don’t like let’s play videos.

Closing statement

The lesson here is if something works for your channel, don’t change it. Keep it. Everyone’s channel is different. Your viewers know what they want. Non-subs will tell me ‘stick to one niche’ look at what it did to my channel. This is why you should listen to your subs because they are going to come back to your channel. Taking away what they come for because you listen to someone who is not your target viewer can make or break your channel. If you don’t like a channel with men’s beauty and health then that creator is not targeting you. The lesson here is to target who likes that content and who agrees with it. If your viewers like game reviews, toy reviews, music reviews. Keep it

How my channel was before helped me channel. Remember viewers won’t watch every single video known to man from you.

That’s why I add a mix to my channel and that’s why I think my channel started tanking.

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