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YouTube Vs Twitch Streaming|| Why I Moved From Twitch To YouTube

January 22, 2022

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Early summer 2021, I decided to start streaming now that I got a strong enough computer to handle the software I am going to need. I started using Twitch this summer. During the summer months, I got chatters, then that dropped when school started. I started having major frame drops on Twitch and decided to try streaming on YouTube. on Youtube, I didn’t have nearly as many issues. The drops are nowhere near as bad on YouTube.

Now that I tried both of them, I like streaming on YouTube better. For Twitch, if copyrighted music is playing, they will mute the spot in the VOD where the music is playing. On YouTube, you just can’t make money on the video. It’s just watching gaming streams with no music that makes it feel empty. Youtube, however, I am willing to sacrifice the ad revenue. Besides, you gotta have more monetization methods than Adsense alone.

I did start liking Twitch at first. Later on, I saw its a different ball game than Youtube.

Twitch is tough to grow on since it’s a streaming platform. Streaming only. On Youtube, I can start growing a base by uploading recorded content. On Twitch, the viewer can’t interact with the VOD after you go offline. At least on YT, people can still comment on the VOD when I am done. It will play like a normal video.

Although growing a streaming empire isn’t easy. This is why I feel it’s slightly easier on YT.

As I said before, I can start getting a base by uploading recorded videos. Or if I cannot stream I can upload a recorded video to keep my channel active. Twitch, on the other hand, was causing me burnout. I can take my YouTube VODs and make videos out of them as I did on Twitch.

I can promote my streams on YT way easier than on Twitch since on external sites (like Reddit) the video will embed. Twitch VODs don’t embed on all platforms.

On YT I can schedule a stream. The viewer can see the game I am going to stream and it should show what time I’m going live in their time zone. You can do the same thing on Twitch. Put your schedule on your profile. I like that I can actually set up the stream so the viewer knows what game I am doing. Then I go live from the stream I set up.

Twitch VODs expire for non-partners after 2 weeks. That is playing with fire. I have the tendency to delete stuff off of my computer when I don’t remember doing so. At least on YT the VOD is up forever unless I delete it.

So if I mistakingly delete something I can go back to YT and download it. On twitch, I felt like I had to clip everything I wanted in a short period of time. Twitch’s clip feature was given to everyone, YouTube has it but only for channels with 1K subscribers.

I am not quitting Twitch forever. I will keep it for if Youtube is down or if I get a copyright strike. If Youtube is having issues etc. I think if you get one copy strike you can’t upload or Stream until the strike expires. Not that I would intentionally post copyrighted content. People do abuse the system.

I had issues keeping people on my Twitch streams. they leave within seconds. On Youtube, I can keep their attention slightly longer.

It’s hard to get noticed when streaming certain games like GTA or Fortnite. It’s hard on twitch since the streams are listed by the number of viewers on the stream. Youtube; your search probability is based on SEO. Since I had no one in my streams my chances of being found were slim. Since YouTube content is based on SEO, I can have 2 people in the stream but the video’s SEO is good which increases my chance of the video getting found.

When I streamed the GTA 3 remastered series I averaged like 3/4 viewers. If I streamed on twitch it would have been crickets the entire time

It would be easier to be found on YouTube. At least I think so.

I watched a video from Stream Scheme, he is a Youtuber that helps small Youtubers/Streamers in one of his videos, I may have misunderstood him, he said to just stop if you are not seeing improvements. Which I haven’t. He could have meant to stop and think of ways to improve.

Its great to learn sooner what works for you so you can make the changes while you can.

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