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I Ditched The Facecam In My Streams (And Here Is Why)

January 15, 2022

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I started streaming on Twitch. I want to see which platform I liked better. I started Facecaming. After a while, I dropped the facecam. I like being a faceless gamer. I feel I don’t need a facecam to grow my channel. I grew both my gaming channels fine without facecam. There are plenty of no facecam YouTubers like The Rad Brad who grew their channels just fine. I feel it’s about being entertaining to the viewer.

Also, my ring light is a sensory issue. After a while, my ring light gives me a headache. It will affect my mood and could be off-putting to the viewers.

I had a problem keeping my viewers on my Twitch streams. I had the same result with both facecam/sans facecam.

Also, I had issues with it freezing. I use a gaming laptop. I bought a USB hub that lets me plug in more than one thing. I have to keep fixing it and I feel that is more off-putting having to keep fixing my webcam.

More or less, you do not need a facecam to be entertaining and to stand out.

Also, Twitch mutes the spot in your VOD where copyrighted music plays. There is a 50/50 chance they will do this. It looks odd with my Facecam. If I have to re-record my voice when I edit, it will be easier to do so without my webcam. If I forget to unmute my mic, it’s easier to re-record without my facecam.

I liked facecam for a little bit but I started to hate it after a while. If something is not working out I would rather notice it now than to burn myself out.

If I want to do advice videos, I prefer to have gameplay in the background. It works for me. If the gameplay is distracting to some folks. Sorry.

I haven’t been feeling right lately. So I am trying to pick what works for me in regard to my content creation.

I enjoy being faceless. My channels have done well without facecam. I still will show my face doing unboxing videos depending on the case. Other than that I can put what I am unboxing on a table.

Sometimes if something isn’t working you gotta fix it. I decided towards streaming on YouTube for cases like if a game comes out that I want to play rather than rushing to get a let’s play up, I can simply stream and break the VOD down for people who don’t have time to watch the entire thing.

Also since reading body language is something autistic folks struggle with, maybe that’s why people came and left in my Twitch streams. I didn’t see it but others who wanted to check the stream out probably got vibes that I am not interested in and left. NO facecam will save me the burnout of keeping up a fake face.

I will still do face videos if I am doing an unboxing video but other than that I am going faceless on a good chunk of my videos.

This is about doing what fits me and works for me. Things that save me burn out.

Also, you listen to your favorite Podcast on Spotify, Apple Music or any other app the creator has their podcast on, you don’t see any faces and still like the content.

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