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A Lost Opportunity?

February 26, 2022

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A missed opportunity? Maybe? I am in a Life Is Strange group. Someone posted that they wanted to make a game that is like Life Is Strange and they need people for writing, art, VO work, etc. I was really looking forward to lending my voice for their project. For those who don’t know, I’ve always wanted to do VO work. Always. It was a cool shot. Even if it was something small. You will never know who is watching and may want you for their stuff. So I wouldn’t be like ‘this, no way.’ “that’s nothing’ You will never know who is watching.

I replied to their comment to add me and then message me because Facebook does not let me know when I have message requests. This was last Wednesday 2/16.

The reason I think the opportunity is “lost”

Saturday or Sunday 18th/19th, I noticed the post was no longer in the group. I looked for the notification from when I told them to add me. It’s no longer there, too. When you don’t know all you can do is guess. So everything from this point will be a guess on what I feel happened.

I don’t know if they didn’t want to do it anymore, couldn’t afford to do it, etc, and deleted the post so folks won’t think they are still doing it. I get it, things happen. Delays or cancelations happen. I don’t understand why they didn’t make a post explaining what’s going on. We could have offered advice. Say they felt discouraged not a lot of people joined, suggest that they make a statement on Instagram or Twitter. Give us their handle and we can reblog the post. Posted on the Life Is strange Reddit etc., especially R/Life Is Strange 2. Since the fandom is upset LIS 2 hasn’t gotten much content, they could have suggested a spin-off or something.

I’m more upset that they just vanished instead of making an update

It’s not that they changed their mind that I’m upset about. I’m upset they quietly deleted the post instead of making an update. Something like ‘hey I made a post that I want to make my own story-game and needed XYZ. Well, my computer broke. I need it to run the engine to make this game. So the project is on hold until I get a new computer.’ I would have been a little down but appreciated their honesty.

It just seems upsetting when you are presented with an opportunity and then it’s gone like that. no explanation. Being autistic, explanations give me closer. I posted on my IG and Twitter I may be able to lend my voice in their project and I think that’s why they suddenly deleted the post for some reason. If they announced why they changed their mind,.

An update would have provided closure

I would have felt at peace. So if their computer broke then I know it’s on hold until they get a new one. I mean I said nothing, the post was there. I post on Twitter and IG I may be able to lend my voice for their game; the post was gone. I also made a pinned comment stating this on one of my Beyond 2 Souls videos. I don’t think the comment is the reason since my Beyond videos started performing poorly. You will never know.

As I said, it’s understandable if something happened and they cannot do it anymore. It would have been nice to get some answers. Proper communication prevents misunderstandings.

Say something happened (like a death in their family) and I am saying here how it was strange how they quietly deleted the post and haven’t said anything since then. I didn’t know what happened. Maybe someone else did know and could label me insensitive. If the person reached out and said the project was on hold due to personal reasons then I would have understood and said

‘hey, the person has to put their game on hold due to X. So I am available if anyone needs someone for their animation series or something.’

I always say. when you don’t have full context all you can do is guess what happened.

If they got discouraged due to not enough people offering, I feel they should have asked for help. Perhaps the people in the group could have offered them suggestions on where they can promote themselves. And we could have shared their post on Ig or whatever we use.

I guess chances come and go. I am implying at least a brief explanation provides some insights.

If the person had explained why they changed their mind (if this is the case) at least I will be at ease that it had nothing to do with me posting about it on my social media accounts. The paranoid/anxiety brain can cause you to assume the worst.

Of course, I could have just asked the group what happened

You could be asking. Why don’t I make a post saying ‘hey, I recall someone saying they were making their own game and needed help with it, etc. I cannot find it anymore.’ I don’t think the admins will approve of it. I posted a meme and they rejected it for no reason once. The group has been on post-approval since Life Is Strange True Colors was revealed. Before that, all posts didn’t need approval. The admin can leave ‘feedback’ as to why the post was denied (talking about the meme). I didn’t bother to look since it didn’t break any rules and wasn’t in the mood for whatever excuse they had since when you deny a post you can pick what rule it broke OR write your own feedback.

In the past, I’ve been muted from groups over small mistakes

The reason I am like this is that I’ve been muted from groups for no good reason. In a gaming group where you had to watch one video and leave a comment. I was muted for not watching fast enough. I watched the video. it took me longer because the computer I used randomly BSOD (blue screen of death) took a while to reboot and it took a while to get back to the video. The computer was really slow.

I came back to the thread to let the person know I watched and left a comment, then I saw I was getting an error, reload the page and I could not interact with the group at all. So by the looks of it, you make a mistake they don’t “have time” to inform you so you can fix it and just run to the mute button. I asked someone to ask for me (i couldn’t due to being muted) and the mod told them because I didn’t comment when they didn’t give me enough time. The second case was group admins removed me from a group with no warning. I found the admin in a different group and his excuse was because I don’t contribute when I explicitly said I leave my comment on the person’s original video to help boost their engagement.

Another case is a group that had threads for gaming, reviews, etc. I posted a gaming link and a vlog. The gaming link on the gaming thread and the vlog on the vlogging thread. The next day I came back muted and the admins ‘feedback’ said I posted the same link twice which I did not. One was a GAMING video and one was a VLOG from 2 different channels. How the fuck is a gaming video and a vlog the same damn thing? Each time I was muted I did nothing wrong (or a little mistake that could have been fixed had they told me instead of running to the mute button because it was quicker) the admins just wanted someone to mute for whatever reason.

Closing statement

I was sick and tired of being muted for no reason/for small mistakes. Anyone can post the same video on accident. For instance, if they forgot they already shared the video. When they just run to the mute button it cuts off me being able to go look at my mistake see where there may have been a disconnect so I can ask questions to avoid making the mistake again. Being muted from a group is like a temp ban bc you cannot see the group for the duration of your mute.

So all I can do is guess that they changed their mind and silently deleted the post and just didn’t want to make another post letting people know. Or they tried to and the admins didn’t let it through. So Unless more information comes out regarding the sudden disappearance of the post, This is the only conclusion I can draw. And a chance for me to lend my voice for something was gone like the wind. If more info comes out on what happened I will make an update. The chances are slim I am updating this as of March and still nothing from them.

So my conclusion, they got discouraged because not a lot of people volunteered. Or they changed their mind etc. They tried making a post and the admins didn’t let it through. This is why I felt they should have told people who wanted to help to add them or link their Twitter or whatever and they can update us accordingly.

It’s just sad to see chances go without a word.

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