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The One Thing I Never Understood About The Gaming Community

February 19, 2022

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The one thing I never understood about the gaming community. Why people were bothered by me playing older games. I originally started YouTube in 2016. I really wanted to play newer games. I didn’t have a good computer, nor could I afford one. I didn’t own a console, nor could I afford one. I had a Wii and could have played some Wii games I owned, no money for a capture card.

When I played older games my old computer could run, the Telltale games that were ported to mobile, etc. I got comments from people about me playing old games. I don’t know if they concluded it’s the games I’m playing if they looked at my channel and saw my videos weren’t getting views.

I mean why do people treat things like a race. Why are things a competition? I got tired of telling people over and over I can’t afford the equipment that I needed to play newer games. One guy claimed I am making myself irrelevant for playing ‘old’ games. No one can explain what’s so bad about playing old games. If it weren’t for those ‘old’ games you find so problematic when gamers play them, you would not have Call Of Duty, GTA 5, Fortnite, etc. When that guy said playing older games makes me irrelevant, I should have said ‘well then. Give me money so I can get a gaming computer to play newer games then.” if someone complains about something in your art meaning the items you used because you couldn’t afford better, you have the full rights to tell them this. People should be understanding that you are using what you can afford. If you cosplay and buying the items you need or buying something alike is more affordable than buying the items to make it. If they can’t be understanding you are doing the best you can with what you can afford or you can’t afford better, then instead of complaining, they need to cough up the money so you can fix what they’re complaining about. I should have linked my Patreon and said here pay for my gaming computer since playing old games is so problematic. I can’t afford a gaming computer and my job doesn’t pay enough for me to save (I started blogging on and the pay was too low).

Some people play ‘forgotten’ games that were removed from the PSN/Xbox/Steam etc store on their channel.

I felt if they understood they would be saying something like ‘this game is X years old, but I get it was recently brought to your attention or you found it sooner but wasn’t a Youtuber at the time, etc.’ Or ‘It would be nice to see newer games from you, but I understand if you cannot afford it right now.’

I wanted to play newer games at the time. I really wanted to. I just didn’t have the gear and couldn’t afford it. I was unemployed at the time, couldn’t find a job, and only got .03 cents per post on my crypto blogs. How could I save for everything I need with low pay?

I needed a custom URL to monetize my site with Adsense. To do affiliate marketing, I need to have a review of whatever I am unboxing. How can I buy a product to show the viewers with no money?

Also, YouTube is recommending content based on what you searched. So, if you were served my video, you watched a review of the game/games similar/ or a different person playing it. If people playing old games are so problematic for some reason, why are you searching the content on YouTube? That’s the only way you possibly found my video outside of sites I normally use for promotion

Even if you have a console or gaming computer, games can be pricy when they come out and the person is waiting for a sale or the off chance, they win a giveaway.

For example when Life Is Strange True Colors came out. The bundle I bought, with True Colors, Stephs DLC, And the Life Is Strange Remastered series, I paid 80 bucks for that. A small channel probably wouldn’t be able to afford that. Since COVID was raging I used the stimulus checks to better my channel. Since YouTube can be a way to work from home. I need better gear to do so. I had the money at the time and just got the best bundle so in case my money is short down the line, at least I still have games. I also pay for PS Now to help save money. On PS4, there is something called PS now that has backward compatibility (PS2/PS3 games) and it helps me save money to just play the older version. Not everyone can do so.

Or maybe they are waiting for a spoiler-free review before they buy the game. We don’t know. And you won’t just assume they’re playing the older games for show.

I mean why can’t we let people play what they want/can afford to play? I could never understand that.

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