Being A Content Creator

Being A Chronically Ill Content Creator

October 10, 2023

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What is it like being a small chronically ill content creator? A Chronic illness is an illness that doesn’t go away. Our conditions won’t go away like a cold. meds help make the condition more bearable.

When I started this blog, I was an unemployed autistic content creator. Now I am slowly starting to build social media. it doesn’t pay enough to live yet. It’s going to take time and I have to build several empires.

When I started this blog, I talked about how my autism would make it likely I wouldn’t get hired for a job or not hold down a job. It takes longer to learn things depending on how I am taught and being fired for taking too long to learn etc.

Society seems to hate anyone that can’t put on their bootstraps. disabled folks being one of them. People underestimate how hard it is to get and keep a job when you are disabled.

Most employers will not accommodate our need for

  • frequent breaks
  • non-penalty call-offs for flares
  • a schedule to work around appointments
  • if you need accommodations. etc.
  • providing a work-from-home option.

they will make excuses that it’s “too much” for them and go for someone who is not disabled. And yet disabled people are judged for not working. Some disabled people can’t work at all. Some can work with accommodation. I can do remote/freelance work. getting started when you are small is the issue.

Most content creators worked a job before they did YouTube, TikTok, or whatever. Due to my conditions, I would not be able to get or keep a job. Content creation provides so much flexibility. When you are small, it’s hard to get monetized when social media sites have monetization requirements that are hard to reach. TikTok has a program, you need 10k followers and I think 100K total likes, or views that’s hard for smaller accounts.

My IBS alone would be a reason why I wouldn’t be able to keep a job. Employers lose their bananas when you go to the bathroom. I came across a video on TikTok where a former waitress said she had a kidney infection as a result of not having enough time to use the restroom. The worse the flare, the more often im visiting the restroom.

If the bathroom is out of order, I will have to miss work because I won’t be able to find another in time. The urgency hits without warning. I won’t have time to find someone to cover my post. Depending on the store. At my local CVS, it was 3 MONTHS before they fixed the bathroom. I would have to quit basically.

I remember my mom saying they would fire you for using the bathroom too many times. I told her that is discrimination and she said “Not it’s not”

it is if you have a medical condition that causes you to need the bathroom more often. if a job throws a tantrum over a 5-minute bathroom trip, there is something up.

Health over profits. Another reason to work from home. Boo hoo you lost 2 cents while I was in the bathroom. woe its me.

Again another reason to work from home. This also is a barrier that keeps disabled people out of work. I have a friend who has Chrone’s, it’s like IBS;s cousin, she had to quit because the bosses did not understand her disability.

I suspect I may have had it from the get-go, it just didn’t get bad until 2021.

This is why monetization on social platforms should not take a trip to Mars to achieve. Not just disabled people but those who are fed up with how their bosses treat them can bring in some money by making videos and bye-bye to abusive bosses.

YT has 3000 wach hours and 1000 subs or 10m shorts views and 1000 subs. That short milestone seems easier to me.

I have a Kofi page and it’s tough getting people to join. Maybe they can only spare 2 dollars and are scared I will be ungrateful and shame them. I won’t. It’s hard out there as a small creator, you will start off little.

Content creation allows me to accommodate flares which are random and the severity is different. I can find a flow that allows me to accommodate.

I have the flexibility a normal job would not give me.

Between my folks expecting me to run errands for them, and managing flares, I won’t have the spoons for a job and errands for my folks.

It’s rough trying to kick-start social media when it’s the only job you can handle from the bottom. Especially when it’s unclear how long it will take you to grow your base.

I’ve been trying Amazon’s Affiliate program since 2018. If you don’t make the required sales, they close your account. I lost count after 8 accounts. I don’t know if I am not convincing enough or what.

If I wasn’t living with my folks, I’d be screwed.

My earnings on my crypto blogging platforms have not improved. I can’t afford this loss. I wish people understood this,

I’ve tried getting supporters on kofi with no luck. Is tough as a small creator. I offer early access to my videos.

Some behind the scenes. Also since I am doing long plays, members get an early preview of the game I will play.

This allows me to keep making content for YouTube. And allow me to live wth ease.

Having my own flow gives me so much control and freedom.

And I would love to make a living doing what I enjoy. It takes providing feedback with what you wanna see from me

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