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Content Creation IS A “Real Job”

April 2, 2024

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Have you seen this debate that content creation isn’t a real job? I have. Believe it or not, creating content IS a real job.

I say, if you are making more money honestly, whether you ring up groceries, walk dogs, or write, it is a job

First, making videos isn’t as simple as pushing a button. With my gaming channel, it’s not as simple as playing a game. You have to be entertaining for people to watch. You would not watch a “comedian” that’s not funny. You wouldn’t watch a creator that doesn’t entertain you.

I post content on these cryptocurrency blog sites, you’d see mostly blogging content. I came in making videos. My posts started flopping. Low-effort content is hated on the platform. I guess the people don’t realize what went into making the video. You see a 20-minute video and think the person spent 20 mins altogether on that video. The 20 minutes you see is AFTER all of the editing. The video could have been an hour sans editing. When I record my gaming content, I record the game for let’s say 2 hours. Each game requires different editing and stuff.

I do game movies now, I, for the most part, record the entire game and edit together to cutscenes.

Also, content creators HAVE to report their income to the IRS during tax season. Do you think these creators collect money and don’t pay taxes? The difference is taxes are taken from your paycheck whereas in self-employment we have to opt to pay quarterly. If you’re required to tell the IRS then it must be a job.

Also, content creation requires so many skills people probably don’t think about.

With content creation. you have at least 10 jobs.

  • editing
  • research
  • scripting
  • filming
  • lighting
  • sound engineer

It’s like watching your favorite TV show, I do all of the work instead of having a crew. There is some much that goes on behind the scenes that brought you that video.

I wish jobs were not a competition. What is a job for you? If the person is miserable it’s a job and if they are happy it’s not.

Also the COVID days during lockdowns normalized work from home. Some people were able to work from home and even continue if they wanted to. or go in the office one day and work from home the next?

Struggling to find a job due to autism introduced me to working from home when comments in groups told me that working from home is a good option. It’s just hard when you are a small creator.

Also for disabled people unable to work a taxing job, content creation provided them work. Like myself. At the time I originally started my blog, I talked about how autism makes employment difficult. I caught on to some physical things down the line.

Things should be changing, it’s 2024

Why are we knocking down other’s jobs? Why do jobs that you hate have to count? You know people may find joy in a job if the management and environment are healthy if management treats people right.

I enjoy the freedom of having my schedule, being able to take time for flares, pace myself, accommodate myself, etc.

The COVID-19 epidemic should show us how working from home can help. people can take time to recover. Folks get to spend time with themselves or with family.

I get that not all jobs can be done remotely, even if you can get a WFH job as a side gig or a WFH job as your second job. It can still work. Nothing is going to be peaches and cream.

Let’s be more understanding instead of judgemental. I get that some people start YouTube or Twitch thinking it’s easy fast money. However, most people know it’s not easy money. If they are looking for easy money, they don’t want to put in the work, simple as that.

My Kofi/Patreon is not easy money, it’s like when you join Netflix and get access to the content on there, you join for exclusive content.

Just because they want the easy way doesn’t mean I do. Most content creators bust their asses to grow their channels. Real creators know there is no shortcut to success.

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