Facebook is Pausing Its Reels Bonus Program

March 22, 2023

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Facebook and Instagram have a reels bonus program that creators were enrolled in. In November of last year, I got an invite for my account. After my viral railfanning video, I started to draw in more money and passed the pay threshold.

Im not sure when, but for that past week, creators saw an alert in their reels panel

I guess I will keep getting payouts until they pause the program. Since we really don’t have a date eg “April 12th, 2023 is the last payout” or whatever. Surely I will get what I made in February, not so sure about March. Sites will change their creator funds. YT used to have a separate program for shorts monetization from their partner program.

it does seem scary since this is an accessible job for me. I am a new creator. Unlike someone larger who can say here is my Patreon or here is my Etsy, me, a small creator, struggle to get people to join my Kofi. I am trying to get into Amazon’s affiliate program and I can’t get people to buy what I am promoting. I promote my Youtube gear or something close to what I use.

To give a short background, I am an autistic content creator. When I first started this blog I made a series of articles talking about why I couldn’t work a normal job due to my autism and mental health issues. Later on, when the epidemic started, I picked up some physical disabilities. Social media allows me to prioritize my health. I can have my own flow. I got invited to Facebook’s reels program with like 200 followers. So I was pretty tiny. Then the viral railfan video gained me more views and subs.

Anything has a flipside. COVID 19 showed us even a 9-5 can be gone since no one expected the shutdowns to happen.

Since everyone entered the program on different days, you can only wait to see what they say. Mine resets on the 7th of each month, so I really won’t know until April.

Some people said their bonus still reset so that’s why I said I won’t really know anything until April 7th.

Changes like this hurt creators, they hurt disabled creators even harder since Instagram or whatever is the only accessible job for them.

Unlike a non-disabled person who could go back to their 9-5, disabled folks do not have that privilege.

When I said this I mean most disabled people cannot work a normal 9-5 because of their disabilities. Also, employers discriminate against disabled people. On the application, when it says “must be able to lift X’ it’s to weed out disabled people. May other things in the application weed out neurodivergent folks as well.

If we need time off for appointments, flare-ups, or burnout recovery, we can easily take a few days off on social media vs a normal 9-5. If you non-disabled people can’t even get a day off for a cold, imagine how hard it will be for us getting 2-3 days off for flare-ups.

Also, some employers require a drs note, not everyone has 100s of dollars for a note for a small cold, Even if you have all the money in the world, it could be 3 months before your doctor has an opening. Urgent Care is not accessible to everyone.

Keep smaller creators in your thoughts. As I said, unlike someone larger, we can’t simply send people to our Patreon or Etsy, or whatever. Although Facebook is pushing for ads, stars, etc, a smaller creator would not get much from ads or stars.

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