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How I Am Starting To Make Money Blogging And How You Can, Too.

September 19, 2021

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you use my link to buy the product I am promoting at no extra cost to you.

I made the decision to work from home because I feel that it’s what’s best for me. It’s better for my anxiety, my mental health and stress management. Some folks might be curious as to how I play to become self-employed. I mentioned that I post on cryptocurrency blogging sites. I will show you the sites that I post to and how they work.

I originallu wrote this in 2019, when I was trying to make blogging my job.

You may think these sites are scams at first glace, but they are not. YOu still have to beware of scammers and not give your details to anyone you don’t trust.

Steemit is like Reddit but you get rewarded for your content.  Here is a video that I found that explains how Steemit works.  It’s best that I link a video because I am not the best at explaining things. If you do decide to join Steemit, feel free to follow me. This is a great way to monetize your content. Steemit has other places you can promote your content like Dlike, where you can link your blog posts. I use Dlike because it’s easier for me to share blog articles that I have written. Steemit also has a video sharing platform like YouTube called D.Tube. Rather than watching a video and it is interrupted with ads, the creator gets paid with your upvotes. Here is a video to help you understand D.Tube. 

Since I wrote this blog, another site called Hive.Blog has emerged. Its the same as the other sites I’m explaining to you.

This site is just like Steemit. I wanted to have more than one crypto blog in case I face a revenue dip then at least I have another blog to general some revenue. I also make a lot more on here than I do on Steemit. I think maybe Steemit was smaller when I joined which is when I earned more. Then when Steem got larger my post got buried is my guess. I Monetize my YouTube videos, my art, my photography, my blog posts. I struggle to find a job I can cope with and I think I am finding something. I still want Freelance writing work just to gain more writing experience. At the time from 2017-2020 I struggle to earn on Steemit but things changed a little in 2021.

I am editing this in 2021. I trasnported my posts from Blogger to WordPress when I bought hosting.

I am not making much but its a start. Like I said, I don’t wanna be on disability forever. Its temporary until I can get my blog earnings stable. Right now they are not stable.

I before working remotely. I had trouble getting my mom to understand that.

I had more sites on here but they died out overtime. There is a Browser called Brave that blocks those pesky ads you get when viewing your favorite website. Brave shows you less annoying ads and you earn crypto for viewing them.

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