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I Got Into A Fight At School

May 5, 2020

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This will be about a time I got into a fight with a girl at school when I was a freshman in high school. This happened as a result of bullying and developing anxiety. Hang on for this one.

This happened in gym glass. We had a substitute teacher. I just want to say that the entire freshman year was awful due to bullying (verbal). I suppose all the bullying was amplified and makes it seem like being are being mean to me or talking about me when they are not. I thought this girl was talking about me because the anxiety brain was telling me. Think of it as an abusive friend. In reality, the girl could have been talking about a movie she saw. I want to give you an understanding of what the anxiety brain sees vs what it actually is.

I was mainly being bullied in English class and the teacher refused to help me.

We were walking back to the gym to do the workout portion. I thought the girl was talking about me. I walked angrily towards her. I wasn’t going to push her. Just sternly tell her to stop talking about me. She thought I was going to push her and she scratched me. Then we started fighting.

Things that happened before this incident is while in the dugout I gave her dirty looks because I thought she was talking bad about me.

The other kids and the teacher intervened. So the kids who witnessed the fight went to the office to report the incident.

I had deep cuts (not very deep) but to the point where I was bleeding. The nurse had to fill out an injury report. When that happens, the nurse has to call your parents. Then she called my mom. My mom was mad. Schools normally suspend you when you get in a fight. Maybe the first fight is a warning and then you get suspended.

I didn’t for the hell of it walk to the girl angrily. My anxiety told me she was talking about me. She could have been saying she liked my shoes, but anxiety told me she was talking bad about me and laughing at me.

What did you expect. I was being bullied for the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR. That shit is terrible.

Nts will easily say it’s an excuse to be a jerk but don’t understand being manipulated and doing it at your own free will are 2 different things. Mental illnesses are like a demon. 

When you are different you are an easy target to bullies. Rather than having fun with your differences ( in a good way), people rather mock you.

That’s why I was bullied, for being different. Now a days people don’t want to actually try and make up their mind you’re terrible and bully you.

Fortunately, the dean understood how the incident happened. I was all ways in his office filling reports when someone bothered me.

It’s safe to say my freshman year was the worst. Schools like to say they don’t tolerate bullying but when you try to report an incident nothing is done.

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