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I Was Bullied Out Of A Facebook Group

May 28, 2020

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This goes to show how with one word, you’re taken out of context and are a terrible person.\

How people are quick to jump the wagon without getting the context of the situation first.

I was bullied out of a so-called mental health ‘support’ group. I expressed how I felt about older men hitting on me and it got me ran out of a group.

This started when I posted to a so-called mental health ‘support’ group about how it makes me feel weird when older men hit on me. I am not talking about the late 20s or early 30s etc. I was talking about men who appear to be 50-60 years old. I did mention these men should be pedos HOWEVER, I was talking about more extreme cases and NOT my case. Some people took my statues out of context and grabbed their pitchforks and tiki torches without a second thought.

I’ve been told I look younger than I actually am. Since I was 16 old ass men looked at me weird and my mom gave them a dirty look. When I was 19, a guy thought I was 14.

My friends on Facebook met up with someone they met on Facebook. They went to a restaurant and the hostees asked their friend if the 2 needed kids’ meals because they thought the 2 are kids. One friend was 19 or 20 and the other was in her mid-20s. It’s not strange to get mistaken for a teen when you’re an adult.

I am using caps to make sure I am not taken out of context here. Since you are about to see how being taken out of context went awry.

People started bullying me, child shaming me. Just being horrible. I had no idea why people were so angry. If they needed more information regarding my post, they could have simply asked for more information. I guess bullying was ‘more fun’ for them. Even if my status was wrong, those grown-ass adults think bullying someone makes them better. If anyone is the child it’s them. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

People were saying ‘age is a number.’ I would apply this to you being 18 and your partner is 24/25/26. You’re 25 and your partner is 30.  You’re 30 and your S/O is 40. THAT is where I see age is a number. A 60-year-old creep hitting on a 20 something-year-old is out of bounds, period. These were WOMEN who bullied me out of that group, WOMEN. WOMEN BULLIED ME FOR SPEAKING UP ABOUT THIS. There were some men but most of them were ladies. They should be ashamed of themselves. If they wouldn’t want their son/daughter being hit on by older people what made them think I wanted that? They probably just saw the word ‘pedophile’ and lost their shit without asking questions if they didn’t understand. I feel if they were getting a different impression, they should have said ‘hey this is how I am seeing this post, I advise you to take it down and make a new one’ since people can still comment while you’re editing the post.

As to child shaming. ONLY a child can not like old ass men/women hitting on this but not a 23 y/0?! I did nothing wrong. They are the ones who took things too far. If someone is wrong it’s OK to correct them. Attacking and bullying them won’t get you far. They thought they were better than me when they are acting stupid. Bullying someone over a Facebook status?! I mean if they said hey can you edit this post because this is the impression I am getting. I feel it wasn’t your intention.. I thought I’d let you know xyz.’ I would have closed comments so I can edit the post. I would have edited it and that’s it. Those people thought bullying and shaming would get them a good outcome.

This shit is why I rather be an introvert and talk to no one. If I am read wrong I am labeled the villain. Is this how people gaslight aspies?

The video I linked will give you some ideas. It will show you key things that cause folks to misread us which leads to hostility.

I left that sorry excuse for a group. Don’t call yourself a mental health page if that’s how you act

If they felt the post could have been written better, they could have left constructive advice rather than being straight-up bullies. They like to advocate for mental health and suicide but didn’t think about that before acting the way that they did. I mean bullying someone in a group about mental health is sus. As I said before, had they done that, I would have closed comments, edited the post, or taken it down and made a new one. Nowhere did I say the guy who hit on me is a pedo. I said folks who hit on young ladies/men SHOULD be classes as creeps. Don’t bully me because you think “should” and “is” have the same meaning. I should have explained why I thought that. I would have said because I’ve been told I look younger than I actually am. So the guy could have thought I was 14/15. I wasn’t saying the guy is def a creep. But people who think you are a minor (even though you are not) should still be classed as creeps. That’s what the post intended to say.

You make a mistake it’s OK but if someone else does they’re a bad person for it. That was the message I got.

I can’t be in a group that supports bullying. If someone is wrong, guild them to do better not treat them like their less than for making a mistake. I don’t know if admins got involved because I left the group.

I think the admins would have reached out if they did something.

I could have blocked them but it was just too many people attacking me. I had a suck-ass desktop and Facebook always froze. When the browser won’t load it lets me kill the page and reload it. While that was happening, I blocked everyone I could.

I would have needed an automatic blocking system with the rating people were going at me.

Without awareness and understanding, I struggled. This video provides an example.

When I was in the 4th grade or 5th. I was afraid of the fire alarm. Autistics do not like loud noises. Due to the teachers being unaware, they probably thought I didn’t care about fire safety. Schools have to have fire drills. The teacher that I saw who helped me with my homework thought about telling the principal. I think I was read wrong in that situation too. They knew about my ADHD at the time. ADHD has sister issues to autism. Had the teacher tried to learn about my sensitives she wouldn’t have to talk to the principal.

The message I see here is instead of the NT stating they misunderstood, it’s our fault for THEIR mistake. Like in the group. They clearly misread me but I was the bad guy for it.

THIS is why aspies don’t want to talk to anyone. It’s our fault if we are taken out of context.

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  • Reply Lauren December 20, 2021 at 4:10 pm

    The feelings of exclusion and being misunderstood are powerful – I hear it in your words. I hope your future is bright and gets better. People can be mean without realizing the impact they’re having.

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