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My Love-Hate Relationship With

July 24, 2020

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Back in 2017, I could not find a job to save my life. I wanted to work towards making YouTube a job. At the time, they updated their monetization requirements to 10K. I was still getting money from an older channel. The channel I currently used at the time was somehow grandfathered and I got money from YT premium users. I heard of Steemit on a site calling when a guy made a video about YouTube alternatives he used. I joined and my account was accepted after 24 hours. I thought if I was able to cash out every now and then on Steemit, it’s better than no money at all. At the time I was not getting disability and was unemployed.

I started out earning good money on my posts. It decreased over time. Not sure if I said something that made them leave or not. I saw it as a great way to share my YouTube content.

In 2018, I was subject to downvote abuse. Every time I posted, I’d get loads of downvotes immediately when the post went live. I had no idea what I did wrong. No one would tell me so I can fix the problem if that is the case. Listen, I can’t read minds. If you don’t communicate with me, I am not going to know. One downvote was from a human when I proposed an idea to cut down on people abusing the system. The guy downvoted it. Because his reputation (like karma on Reddit) was high enough, his one downvote sent my post to the abyss. Probably because he knows if Steemit implemented my criticism he couldn’t flag people for fun. My idea was to add an option for why you are flagging the post (spam, stolen content, misleading info, scam). I earned good rewards on that post and it was gone all because some punk figured he couldn’t game the system if that change came to life. One person (a human) downvoted a post when nothing was wrong with it. The downvote abuse I talked about was someone using bots to downvote my posts. It was automatic because when the post is like 2 mins old, it has loads of dislikes.

I learned some guy called Cammie started this mess. I didn’t even know who they were.

Then in 2019, this guy bullied me because I made money on Steemit. This guy thinks I’m so horrible because I make money on Steem when that is why the site exists. I’m a bad person for making Steemit ‘my income stream’ but not the whales (aka the bigger users) who are probably rich because of Steemit. Makes sense. NOT. Why did this guy think I’m such a terrible person for making money on Steemit but not everyone else?

He just judges me through his lens without knowing the story of why I make Steemit my ‘income stream.’ I called him out saying it’s pathetic to downvote someone for no reason then he wanted to mirror it saying it’s pathetic I make Steemit my ‘income stream’ he didn’t have a proper argument as to why I’m so horrible for making money on the site but not everyone else. (EG if I was teaching people how to do something dangerous or illegal.) His ‘argument’ was I didn’t contribute when I participated in contests that fit my content, upvoted and reblogged posts I liked, and commented on posts I liked. So basically, I’m a terrible person for not using the site how HE wanted me to.

The guy is so angry I didn’t contribute but provided zero examples of what I could have done to bring more value to the platform. Isn’t posting content someone may find useful/entertaining contribution? When people use the platform, it will show Steemit/hive people want the platform and can motivate them to keep adding new things.

Then another guy bullied me because I didn’t understand what witnesses do on the platform. I wish I had ignored him if I had known his intentions. This is why I choose to ignore it if someone asks me something. They catch on that I am having trouble learning and I get insulted and called retarded. Which is what the guy did when he caught wind that I wasn’t understanding. People’s patience for those with learning disabilities is so low it’s sad. I told him to go away and never come back. This site has no block button (it needs one) or at least add a function to the mute button that won’t let them vote or comment on your posts.

Then a few users would find some way to take me out of context. Throwing in intentions I never actually implied. I made a poll asking people how much have their earnings decreased after an update. This dude leaves me an essay assuming I want rewards handed to me and talking about negativity. The reality is the post had nothing to do with negativity or not wanting to work for rewards but the update gave large accounts more and small accounts less. It should be the opposite. Why help someone who is already doing well?

Maybe if they weren’t quick to form their judgment they would have understood. I did post “quote on quote” positive stuff like my videos and photography. Of course, they ignored those posts and only made judgments from one post.

Another person would skip over my post and just make comments. For instance, I made a post about how autism doesn’t end at 18. Their response. I need to ‘learn to adapt.’ I don’t need to “adapt” get over your ableism and put in the effort to make the world accessible. We’re not asking you to go to Mars and get the Rover. We didn’t ask for our disabilities. The one thing that disables us is the lack of accessibility. The blog post was about how we will continue to be autistic after were 18 because people think it goes away when we turn 18 and this person tells me I have to adapt. THATS how I could tell they didn’t even read the article.

I called them out on it because it was clear they did not bother to read the article and they get mad. Steemit has a function that lets you share blog posts and videos. It has an app called DLIKE. It provides a link to the website the post is from. You can write a short summary of what the posts are about. They thought the preview was content. The truth? I could not write word for word from my blog because the plagiarism filter won’t let the post go through. So the preview had to basically be a summary of what you may choose to click on. They didn’t even ask questions just assumed the summary was the actual content.

In another instance, I made a post about what holidays people do (like Christmas) I added another option in case people don’t do holidays then they can pick that option. This person, skip it and get angry with me for talking about Christmas because they aren’t American. First, there are people who don’t live in the US and do Xmas. Christmas is more religious (since it’s supposedly when Jesus was born) and Christians can be from Europe, Asia, etc. This person just wanted to make shit up to be mad at me for.

I am sorry if I sound rude but instead of getting angry they could have picked the ‘other’ option and explained what they celebrate. Why get angry at me? What country did they expect me to talk about?

Who gets angry at someone for talking about a place they are NATIVE IN. I was BORN AND RASIED in the US. Their argument was that “I don’t care” about other countries. I added the other option in the poll for a reason. This person chose to ignore it and play the victim because playing the victim and blaming me was better for them than taking a few minutes to use the other option. Get this, everyone else in the thread ticked other option and said “I’m from India we celebrate this” that tells me the person in question just wanted to create drama.

Why would I talk about a country I am not native to or never visited?

I just got tired of it all. It’s frustrating when someone tries to find some fault in your posts.

At least it felt that way. That guy felt I deserved to be bullied because I had trouble learning. Like who thinks that way? The other guy convinced me I am such a bad person for making money on Steemit. If I was posting stolen content that is one thing. Making money from someone else’s hard work is wrong. It was my content, so why did he care?

Steemit is not the platform I thought it would be.

It’s not the same platform I liked back in 2017. That reminds me. I posted a video on why I hated being autistic and this low-life invalidates me and judges me from his experience. Everyone experiences autism differently. This guy tells me my experiences are wrong because he didn’t struggle as much as I did. Like who does that?! Someone opens up about their hurdles and you tell them they’re wrong because your hurdles weren’t as high?! Lateral ableism at its finest. Latteral ableism is ableism from a disabled person.

More or less I just had issues with some of the people on Steemit rather than the site itself.

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