Streamers, Can You RelateTo This?

November 6, 2023

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You’re at the mall, buying clothes for yourself or a friend. Someone gets your attention to sell you something. You tell them no thanks and they keep bugging you.

Welcome to the customer pet peeves streamer addition.

I stream on Twitch. I uploaded the VOD on YouTube for people who missed the stream.

On Twitter, I use keywords and hashtags so people can find the post. I noticed a lot of people with GFX in their bio followed me just to DM me to get me to buy their stuff. If I said I didn’t have the money because I am a small creator, they kept insisting. Now you say why I don’t just block them when they DM me. It’s because I was unfamiliar with the scheme right away. I caught on when I saw other people were having this problem

They would start the convo off like normal.

One person reached out about doing a YT banner. I told them I needed to save up because again.. small creator. Small creators don’t get a lot of money. IF they are monetized with ads, at max you could get 100 dollars. getting sales is not the easiest. I’ve been trying to get supporters on Kofi to no avail.

The next day (or maybe a day after that) they were back in my DMs asking me if I was ready for them to start the banner. Again. I told them I needed to save because I didn’t have the money yet.

They kept insisting despite telling them I needed to save.

Out of pressure, I gave in because it seemed they weren’t gonna stop until I said yes.

If you have to harass people for sales, you’re doing something wrong. I mean if you are not getting sales and resort to harassing people for sales, you are doing something wrong.

If you are messaging creators who barely have a following and you’re surprised they don’t have money, you’re doing something wrong.

You gotta have a plan. Just harassing creators to buy your art is not a plan.

I talked about them bothering me again when the holidays started. Despite explaining my blog earnings took a hit and I can’t afford it anymore. They still wanna be like “It’s not expensive” What’s not expensive TO YOU doesn’t speak for someone else. If their art is 100 dollars, that could go towards food. I can’t help my grandma with the truck anymore because my blog earnings on my crypto blogging platforms took hit after hit.

The common argument is I pay half now and half when they are done. This won’t work unless you are gonna take months to do the art. I can see art taking time. Having more than one client.

It is understandable artists need to make a living, don’t kill your career before it starts.

If you don’t show the person samples of your work, how can the person know your art style is the right fit? If your style is anime and I want a Lofi theme.. you can see how it may not work out.

Also, it wasn’t hard for them to say “Because this is the holidays, I am discounting all of my services for 25 dollars.” If this was the case. That is all they had to say. Or “because I’m starting out, I am charging 25 dollars for thumbnails” or something.

Just say it. If you’re running a special, state that. If you don’t charge much because you need to build your portfolio, say that!

Also if a small creator tells you they don’t have money, harassing them isn’t gonna pull the money out of their ass. We have our biz bills and home bills, we need to eat. Art may not be their priority right now.

There are better ways to get sales. Having a website, promoting on your social media. Also, have a YT. You can do speed art, art tutorials, and Photoshop tutorials and then tell your viewers you do commissions.

I don’t know if they think I don’t trust them or have money I can pull out of my ass. Even if you look up their social blade ( a website that lets you see your real-time followers since it takes time to update on YT’s end) it shows an estimate of their earnings. And this is likely their gross income (before taxes)

Just leave folks alone. If they don’t have money, stop convincing them. If they have to save, give them space. It’s nothing against you

Streamers won’t see eye to eye with your style, as I stated, if you do anime and I want a lofi/cozy theme, it won’t work

Art may not be their priority, maybe they make their own stuff.

Also remember the epidemic caused inflation all over the world so with bills, and food going up, some people likely wanna buy your art but it’s either food or starve.

There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t flush your career before it starts

As I told the person in question my blog earnings took a hit, and if that didn’t happen I would support them. They still insist I buy their art with the money I told them I LOST. That will get you blacklisted and then no one will hire you. No one wants to constantly be harassed. The streamer will message you. Share your stuff, and let people know your commissions are open in your bio.

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