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The Best Equipment For Youtube

October 23, 2021

This post may contain affiliate links. This means I will earn a commission if you use my link to buy the product I am promoting at no extra cost to you.

Have you been looking to get a better microphone or lighting etc? Well look no further I am here to help you

I will link the stuff I use. These are affiliate links which means I will get a cut if you use these links to purchase what I am suggesting to you. I will link an unboxing video and other videos I’ve made with this gear

I’ve used 2 different mics. Blue snowball l and this upgraded condenser mic. it will take some trial and error to get everything right. This is something to keep in mind for you when it comes to new things, especially microphones.

The best microphones for your Audio

I was still in the process of learning. This video got the improvements. refer to that video I hot-linked. I use unboxing videos to serve as proof I actually bought the product. The position the mic is in is paramount. Different mics need different positions. It’s something I learned AFTER the unboxing. Do a test with several positions until you find the hot spot! These things take trial and error. Here is another video I did with the new mic.

The blue snowball ice mic. Here is a live stream I did. This is how the mic sounds with raw audio. I linked more than one video. No editing, no special software! Remember what I said, the position the mic is in is important it can make or break the quality. if your mic sounds bad, test out different positions. Sometimes the learning curve is tricky so I link videos or streams where the improvements kicked in. You are going to need a mic stand to bring the mic closer to your mouth.

Before I bought the mic stand, I still got comments about the audio. The comments I got were people telling me to upgrade my mic or asking if I plan on upgrading. The farther the mic is from your face, the less crisp the sound will be.

The closer the mic is to your mouth, the better it will sound. Take this video for example. It sounds so clear and crisp. Having the mic close to your mouth is paramount. Here is a live stream that I did.

You can make your audio better with audacity. I did an audacity tutorial.

Check out these alternatives of the best mics for content creation

You will need headphones next. The cat headphones are super comfy. They are a bit pricy but they look cool and they are wireless. I like wireless headphones over wired headphones. It can help keep your setup less cluttered. At least with me. Having so many wired devices clutter my setup. However wireless headphones keep things neater.

These headphones will make your gaming experience something. I noticed I hear so much more when I wear headphones than playing a game with my computer/TV speakers. Overall I like things that light up as a way to glam up my setup.

A photo of the headphones

Here is a photo of a headphone stand I bought from Amazon. It accommodates more than one pair.

It these are out of your budget, check out these alternatives.

The best affordable ring light for lighting.

I use a webcam for my Facecam. You don’t need anything crazy expensive. As long as you can record at least 1080p, you’re good. Always make sure that in the description when you are webcam shopping. Here is a clip from a stream I did with the ring light and the webcam If you want to jazz up your background, you can buy LED strip lights. I unboxed an affordable webcam.

I don’t do face videos anymore. however, the webcam can still be helpful if I am unboxing and reviewing something. It would be hard to show you a product if I am not showing my face. For those of you who want to Facecam, then yes this is what I suggest. Lighting and the proper settings are important and can make or break your picture quality. My room has no windows (in the basement) but if your room has windows you may require a different setup.

The Best Capture Card to capture my console gameplay

My gaming laptop. It’s especially great for streaming, I game on PS4 mostly but use the laptop to capture my footage with a capture card.

If you are wondering why you need a capture card, it’s because with the console’s recorder you are limited. I have a PS4. SO for example, you can only record up to an hour. You cannot record PS now games. Someone on my Twitch said they tried recording the Life Is Strange remastered collection and it blocked the recording. It wouldn’t let them record. Also loading the clips on the PS4 and then your computer is a pain. If you have a capture card, you can have it right on your computer. You can also use your USB mic and monitor your levels. Which you cannot do with the console’s recorder. Also constantly transferring my footage from the PS4 to my computer with a flash drive was super time-consuming.

I use OBS to record/stream my gameplay.

OBS is free to use. If you want to record your gameplay on a computer, you just need OBS. If you’re on a console, then you need a capture card and OBS

This was written last year. As of now, I am back to using Wondershare Filmora.

You can’t go wrong with a laptop cooler for your gaming laptop. this prevents your laptop from overheating. Different games use different amounts of CPU.

I suggest building your gear little by little. It took me about a year to get better stuff. I recommend what I use since I always go the budget round. This is what I use and what made my life on Youtube so much easier.

I recommend what I use and what I am happy with. if I don’t like it, how can I expect you to show interest in the product? Everything listed is what I use. I always recommend something affordable, simple to set up, learn, etc. good luck starting your Youtube. Didn’t have to spend 100s of dollars except for my PS4, Gaming laptop, camera, headphones, and capture card. Other than that. My mics, webcam, lighting are each under 100 bucks.

You don’t need expensive gear for Youtube or Twitch.

As of July 11th I will start making green screen videos for Instagram, Tik Tok, etc. It will take time for them to start rolling out.

Look at this video, you see how the person has a picture behind them. They are able to do that with a green screen. You just need a green screen and an editor that has a chromakey feature.

This is a great way to up your content value. This is a great way to keep your viewers watching longer. You have a short amount of time to convince your viewers to keep watching your video. Changing the background is a great way to do that.

If you don’t have much space in your home or you just want something you can easily pack up, I suggest this chair green screen.

If you have the room then go ahead and get one of these

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