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The Best Vlogging Gear To Start Vlogging

April 2, 2022

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The best vlogging gear to start vlogging. Perhaps you want to start a vlog channel but don’t know what you need. Maybe in general you want to make videos on your phone. I will go over what you need to get started

Something to vlog on

Your phone is great for vlogging. Newer phones come with 4K quality! You can use that. I always prefer my phone because if I am in public, traveling, etc, my phone is easier to put away quickly. When it comes to phone vlogging you need a few things. Also if you’re on a budget (which I assume you are) then this will surely help you. All of the vlogging gear I got didn’t hit the bank. Just like I said when it comes to gaming, you don’t need expensive gear to have a vlogging channel. If you want, check out my blog post about the best equipment for gaming.


Audio is one of the most important things when it comes to vlogging. In fact, audio should be the first thing on your mind after deciding you want to be a phone vlogger. Speaking from experience, when I made videos on my phone during my broke Youtubers days, the common comments I got were about the audio. I am in a vlogging group, I posted a clip of my vlogs and the link. One guy asked what mic am I using. I’d assume because the audio was off. I suggest the lavalier microphone for your phone. It’s nice and affordable and leaves you will a clear crisp sound. One time I found an earphone headset and asked viewers which was better and they all voted for the headset. If you want the best quality for your vlogs, an external microphone is a way to go. Here is a video I did with the lavalier microphone

Look at the audio for the lav mic and then the quality for the built-in mic on my camera. I use the camera for photography and my phone for vlogs.

Video stabilization

Another common comment I’ve gotten was that my footage was shaky. During my broke Youtuber days, no money for any stabilization software. I suggest a selfie stick for out and about vlogs. Most newer phones already have video stability. However, having the selfie stick allows you more freedom. Your arms won’t get tired if you have a selfie stick. Lord knows my arms got tired holding my phone up. It’s easier to hold your phone at a higher angle with the selfie stick. Say you and your friends are in the vlog it’s easier to get everyone in the frame with the selfie stick. The selfie stick I use is a selfie stick and tripod combined.

Say you are traveling and you want to show the viewers your outfit for the day. Instead of taking the phone off the stick and putting it on your tripod. You open the legs on the selfie stick tripod and boom. Here is a video I did with a selfie stick. Here is another video using a selfie stick/stabilizer. It was made during the broke days. Looking at the video I was on a hike. It was so much easier to get me and my surroundings in the frame with the selfie stick. Also having the stick made vlogging the walk easier. Here are some recommendations. If you look at my videos from my trip down south, at least the April trip, you can see how shaky my footage is.

when someone reviewed those vlogs they pointed out the audio and the shaky footage.

Vlogging Kit

This comes in handy for travel. Picture this. If you want to vlog during your vacation, check out the foods in the places you’re going. You want to show us your travel routine. However, especially if you are flying, you’re not gonna have much room to bring too much. Here’s why I suggest phone vlogging. You can put your phone away quickly and also your phone fits in your pocket.

You want something for when you travel with little room to pack or where you’re staying. I took the bus down south in 2019 I surely would not have room for a tall tripod, ring lights, etc vs the vlogging kits I am suggesting to you. Think about it. Which would you have the room for. Unless you’re driving to where you’re going and you’re staying at a friend’s place (assuming they have enough room) I wouldn’t count on having too much room for your home vlogging set-up.

This handy vlogging kit is space friendly. You can fit it in your bag. It comes with a mic. You may be asking but i have the lavalier mic you suggested. It can’t hurt to have back-ups in case it breaks or maybe you use your old phone as a second camera.


One time I asked for feedback on my videos. A good amount of folks’ critique was the camera angle. My broke ass couldn’t afford a tripod so I put my phone in a window sill. This is why a tripod is important. One time, I found a video a long time ago about how to not lose subs (sadly I cannot link the video because the person who made it rebranded and private the video) the first thing they mentioned was the camera angle. The people in the group said this, too.

Those viewers don’t want to feel like they are being talked down to. Now you’re wondering what about the selfie stick tripod? That works for travel videos, videos where you’re moving. You still want a tripod for sitdown videos. Finding a spot with a table for the selfie stick tripod may be difficult. For example, you want to make a video in your backyard but have no lawn furniture for the selfie tripod. Here are some recommendations for tripods

Here is a video I did where I needed a floor tripod I was in my basement. The best spot for filming was where the lighting was the best.


This is also key. More or less if you want to do sit down and chat vlogs. I did an unboxing of a ring light. It’s perfect for phones. Here is a video I did with the right light.

Perhaps you want to do cooking vlogs etc. You’re going to need good lighting for that. Maybe you only have time to film at night. You’re going to need some lighting. You don’t need expensive studio lights that will break the bank but also break your utility bill.

Here are some recommendations for affordable ring lights.

Remember you don’t need expensive gear to have nice quality. Good luck with your YouTube channels!

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