The One Things Folks Do That I Do Not Understand, Expecting Content Creators To Be Perfect

December 14, 2021

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Being ND, a person who thinks differently, there are things people do that I do not understand. The one thing I do not understand is why we are so wrapped up in content creators being problematic. I mean you have a right to call it out. I mean people who act like the sky is falling following the revelation.

It should not be anything new.

There were times I’ve followed plenty of content creators and they would say something they didn’t know was offensive. Ignorance etc. Then when tea channels make videos they’d fill us in on previous cases.

The start of toxic social media

When people on my Twitter call out problematic people, they don’t even think to say who the person is and what they did. And when people comment asking what happened and the OP (original poster) tells them, they act dismayed like they thought the person is an angel. As the person is supposed to be some saint who can do no wrong.

When everyone is calling out the person, I mean slandering the person we don’t even know whether or not the person was even informed that their comments were offensive. It’s one thing if the slanderer said ‘hey I’m sure you didn’t mean it like that but the comments you say in your videos are offensive due to xyz. I just want to prevent you from making a huge mistake etc.’ vs outright calling the person whatever

It’s not their ‘true colors’ it’s just everyone has a dark side and anything can unleash it. Some people can truly be assholes but sometimes I believe they are still good people but need to move away from the toxic influences.

Context is also important. For me, there is a time and a place for certain topics. If you have any issues I prefer you message me privately and we can work things out. I can get a better understanding of my actions and make a proper statement. That could be the person’s case. Being defensive is not right and they should learn healthier ways to properly address out of bounds topics

People forget actors, content creators are human and will make mistakes

We forget content creators, actors, etc are human and will make mistakes and unleash their dark side at the worst moment. So because they are a streamer, blogger, etc it’s the end of the world when they fuck up? But if a normal person fucks up we all sweep it under the rug?

You are going to say something you didn’t realize was disrespectful. It happens. A Youtuber I watch made an apology video for insensitive things he’s said in his lets plays in the past. He probably didn’t see how his jokes would be taken. People most likely brought it to his attention. I am sure they were like ‘i am sure this is not how you meant it, these jokes are offensive because of xyz.’ How can the person understand what they did outright saying they’re racist or whatever?

I’ve shared on this blog times where I didn’t understand how things came out but the other party grabbed their pitchforks.

I’m sure Pewdiepie’s been in trouble. I think back in 2017, allegedly one of his actions caused advertisers to suspend their ads from YT.

This toxic way of thinking

I feel more or less this is to show that ANYONE can be problematic or you find out they did some shit previously.

Unfortunately, it’s life and there is nothing you can do about it. Like what can you do? Go back in time and tell them not to join whatever platform they’re gonna be problematic on?

I walk on eggshells every day seeing how rash people are when you say something wrong. Knowing I will meet the same consequences.

It’s worst being autistic since a lot of times you are not aware of how people are seeing your words

I mean without much context there is not much I can say.

Being neurodivergent makes me too trusting/gullible at times. So I’m now skeptical when people are making claims about ‘problematic’ people. Like did they realize and understand why their comments are offensive or did you just hop on the train? if you tried being nice and they blew you off or did you immediately hop on the slander wagon?

If someone did something you believe is wrong you have a right to call it out but understand bloggers, streamers are human and we fuck up. Its life.

The reason having the context of the situation can be helpful is because, at first glance, we can misread a case. Being autistic, people twist my words all the time.

Why context is important

One time, someone made a thread on Twitter about how grotesque it is when teachers don’t let students go to the washroom. I said something like ‘These kids are not machines and should be allowed to relieve themselves.’ I’m paraphrasing what I said. One teacher saw it as me saying all teachers are evil which was never implied.

They didn’t have proper context but automatically assumed the worst. Keep in mind Twitter has a character limit so I can’t write a damn novel when answering someone else’s Tweet. This is to show without proper evidence and context, it’s easy to get the wrong impression. That person thinks I’m anti-teacher because I believe these kids should not have their bodies controlled. Do you see? I can be blunt and not sugarcoat things. Sometimes I may go too far w/o realizing it.

I can mistake the context of a tweet. Mistakes happen. We shouldn’t jump on the train so quickly especially when not enough proof against the person is out to deem them racist or whatever. Anyone can misunderstand the context of a post.

These slander happy people forget where they came from

If you’re an adult I am just saying remember you were a child once and were you an angel? I know I wasn’t and I’ve done things I shouldn’t have. Those who hop on the slander train when someone makes comments they probably don’t realize was offensive; I guess they are perfect themselves. Never made a mistake, never said something they didn’t realize would come off as disrespectful. Were just perfect angels.

Kids learn asshole behavior from other adults in their life

the person could have asshole parents. Kids don’t just spawn assholes, they learn it from someone. I cannot be mad at them. My mom is (kinda) homophobic. When the gay marriage law passed in all 50 states in 2015 my mom posted on her Facebook “it’s not what the law says its what God says” and that she’s glad queer PDA is illegal in other countries. Don’t be mad at these kids, be mad at their influences. Like my mom is homophobic and uses the Bible as a scapegoat, how do you think she’d raise me? On the same principles. So I can’t blame a literal child they can’t control how their folks think.

She said if I ever told her I was queer she wouldn’t kick me out but I couldn’t have my s/o over. And I couldn’t have my s/o over for dinner or whatever. SO if my s/o won’t be allowed under the same roof then, I feel she’s still homophobic.

People are gonna do something stupid in their lifetime. We put content creators on such a high pedestal and we are so dismayed when they fuck up.

Honestly, its on you for expecting people to be perfect

This is why you should not raise the bar so high. You are only setting yourself up for betrayal if you learn they did something they probably are not proud of. You are only setting yourself up when you learn they’re not the perfect angel you thought.

Y’all are too quick to believe everything you hear. Whatever you heard, how do you know the person isn’t just causing drama because that’s what people do nowadays. Whoever told you, how do you know they didn’t misunderstand the context? The person may not have realized their jokes would come off as racist or anti-vax (or whatever). I can say I am afraid of needles and some clown can say I am anti-vax. But I am not.

Ya’ll automatically jump on the train and that’s probably why the person is standoffish when you call them out. Instead, why not say ‘this probably isn’t your intention, this joke comes off as anti-mask. I will guess you are making fun of anti-maskers. Please provide more context I want to avoid a misunderstanding.’ And guess what, more than likely you did misunderstand their intentions. You made the situation more than it should have been. You probably would have gotten a better response if you did not jump the ship. Just like the situation about the autism group I was in when I shared a meme I didn’t know would upset someone. I would have responded better if the guy said ‘you may not know this, this meme is ableist because of XYX.’

An example of someone jumping the train

My Facebook friend’s real-life sister messages me out of nowhere claiming my friend, Ed is not who he seems. Her claim is that his photos are fake because he uploads older photos. I uploaded older photos of me from Jr. high so that means I am not who I seem then. Notice how she didn’t reverse search his photos and screen cap what she saw in the results. Also, she claimed there’s no one his age with the alias he used, Ed Kennedy because she googled him. She tried to google him like she’s googling Justin Beiber. She won’t find him like that.

Wouldn’t she have to search records in his country? proving someone’s existence via google like they’re a celeb is not going to work.

While doing her “research” why didn’t she screen cap what she saw? Because it’s bullshit.

The claims were bullshit

She made all of these claims about my friend catfishing us but showed no proof. Nothing. She asked me if I skyped him or heard his voice but that alone is not enough proof because anyone can use apps to change their voice. Why was she message me out of all people that’s his friend? because I was closer? If she messaged other people I feel one of them would have messaged me saying “did you get a message from X about Ed being fake?” Then again Facebook does not alert you of ‘other messages’ the folder messages from non-friends went to. They could have seen it but called bullshit and blocked it.

I told my whats app friend and he thought the claim was bullshit

See? I told my friend Alex and he debunked her claims. He said she doesn’t know his FULL LEGAL NAME to prove his existence. I post older photos/videos so according to her logic, I’m fake as well.

Closing Thoughts

when I was in school, I was hated because people believe anything they ‘heard’ about me. We shouldn’t just jump on the train without asking for some type of proof to back the claims.

I am I’m saying is at least get more context before you jump on the slander train. Stop expecting these content creators etc to be perfect. They are not. MOST if not EVERYONE will have flaws, did something/said something they shouldn’t have. This is why people walk on eggshells, this is why people stay silent on current world issues.

They KNOW toxic Facebook, Twitter ex will slander them to death if they say the wrong thing. Maybe if you stop asking these Twitch streamers etc about current world issues, you wouldn’t view them as this terrible person. It’s because of how toxic ya’ll are. If they are silent on said issue, you complain they don’t care, if they say the wrong thing because they don’t have enough understanding, ya’ll will slander them and label them a bad person. It’s a double edge sword with some of ya’ll and it’s getting out of hand.

I am not talking about if you tried to inform the person that comments are offensive and they told you to fuck off. I just feel at this day in age, social media is too toxic. Even if the person apologizes, people will still complain they are only doing it because they were called out. Its like shooting fish in a barrel for content creators, actors and its sad.

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