Content From The OG Resident Evil 4 That Was Cut From The Resident Evil 4 remake

November 29, 2023

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Content cut from the Resident Evil 4 remake. The Resident Evil 4 remake came out back in March. The point of a remake is to remake the game. It’s NOT the same as a remaster where the graphics are more advanced. There were some things that stayed and some things that were cut from the game. The game had a lot of cut content so I am just listing a few.

The Boulder Chase

When making your way to the farm in the OG game, 2 enemies push a boulder toward you and you’re prompted to sprint. In the remake, instead, you’re giving a QTE and Leon will do a back handspring to avoid the boulder instead. The second boulder QTE before the lake has been cut from the game

Meeting Saddler (after getting Ashley from the church)

In the OG, you meet Saddler after getting Ashley from the church. This time, he sends more of the enemies to get you. Keep in mind I have not played in a while so I will get some stuff wrong a bit. In the remake, you don’t meet Saddler until the Island, when he captures Ashley. In the OG like I said you met him after freeing Ashley.

The QTE From Menedez

When you’re about to fight The Big Cheese, he will attempt to grab you after locking you in the warehouse. In the OG. Instead in the remake, he surprises you when you enter the warehouse. I think I read somewhere that Capcom wanted to steer from QTEs or something.

Ada being captured by Mendez was cut from her mission. Instead, Ada passes out when infected by Black Rob and Wesker finds her and takes her to Mendez’s house

The Timed Fight With Krasuer

In The OG game, when Krasuer mutates his arm, you have 2 mins to kill him because the place is rigged with bombs. This has been cut in the remake. You still fight Krasuer like in the OG, you’re just not timed. Ada fighting Krasuer has been cut from her separate ways mission as well

When you actually kill Krasuer, Leon refers to him as “Major” As if he trained Leon in the armed forces. It seemed like their relationship changed. In the OG their relationship ties to The Darkside Chronicles game.

Also collecting the door pieces was also cut from your fight.

The becon trap from Salazar

During the original game, Salazar will set a trap when the ceiling with spikes slowly comes down to you and you have to shoot the beacons. This is during the segment where you have to get the piece to open a door to move on to the next portion of the castle

The second trap before the minecart was also cut.

There was a drill trap you had to save Ashley from, Ada has it in her mission instead.

Also the encounter with Salazar when Leon called him an old man was cut. The old man line was iconic

Saddler And Salazar Calling You On The Comms

After you lose comms with Hunigian, Leon tries to call her after Ashley is captured and Salazar comes on and says he hacked the comms. Then when you kill Salazar you talk to Saddler. In the remake Ada and Luis call you on the comms instead. This also means some iconic comms moments getting cut like “your right hand comes off” and “Saddler, you’re small time.”

The “Ballistics” Comment from Luis

Ashley and Leon take shelter in a cabin when a horde of enemies appears. Luis is in the same cabin and will comment on Ashley’s “ballistics” which Ashley gets mad, as she should.

Instead, he’ll comment that Leon has found his “missing Senorita”

The fight with IT was cut from the game however Ada will fight him in her mission. He evolves from the Black Robe while in the OG Black Rode and IT was a separate monster.

Ada’s Meeting with Krasuer

Before the knife QTE fight, you get a cutscene with Ada talking to Krasuer. In the remake, they don’t meet at all. Luis saves you from Krasuer instead of Ada during the knife fight

Being chased by Robo Salazar

You know in the OG robo Salazar chases you, that’s gone. Robo Salazar is still in the remake. He spits fire at you. He doesn’t chase you in the remake

Salazar’s Fit

After Ashley is taken, Salazar will stall you by jamming the clock tower, that’s gone in the remake. Also when Leon falls through the trap door and uses his grapple hook to avoid being impaled by the spikes, Salazar is waiting for Leon to be impaled, then Leon shoots the speaker thing and Salazar gets angry and orders Verdugo to kill Leon. I guess this time Verdugo just knew Leon survived? Also “your right hand comes off”

There are loads of variations, instead of the bugs taking Ashley, Verdugo takes her.

I get the point of a remake. Some things stayed like the bingo line from Leon after the villagers walk away after the church bell rings. It can’t hurt to recap what stayed, what changed, and what was cut. Also, most cuts from the game were just moved to Ada’s mission Like IT, the drip trap, etc

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