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The Truth About The Content Creation Industry

November 20, 2021

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Hello folks, here is some standby content for you. I decided to make this blog post talking about the truth about creating content of any kind. Whether you stream, make videos, music, art, blog posts.

Being a blogger, streamer, YouTuber, etc is not as easy as you think it is.

Ever heard ‘get a real job?’ Why do people start these job wars? I feel folks don’t understand the time that goes into making a video. You don’t just do random stuff and upload a video. If you report on news and such. You need to do proper research, make sure your sources are legit, gotta make your script, edit, etc. The truth about it, it’s not as easy as some people think. It’s not a get-rich-fast scheme. While you can make good money from content creation, it takes a lot of effort.

Think about this, you depend on those people whose jobs you think aren’t real for entertainment, You listen to music

because of the musician, you have the decor to put in your house because of the artist, movies, shows, etc to watch because of the cast and crew. If the cast and crew of your favorite show got ‘real’ jobs. Who knows how long you will have to wait for your favorite season because the director is having trouble finding time to film when enough people are available. When everything closed last year, who did you depend on to fill that void? Those people you think need ‘real’ jobs. Everyone pulls their weight in society differently. just because they aren’t on your standards doesn’t mean jack.

I also want to add, if you need help with a car part, building a PC, fixing your phone (the early iPhones had a kit to fix the screen) you need to know how to cook something, etc. Where do you get the information? From YOUTUBE or a blog post. Hair tutorial? Youtube. Or TikTok if you want something to the point. I broke my iPhone 5s. They have booths at the mall that charge 100 dollars to fix broken devices, now I could save that money and look up a tutorial on YT.

I remember when I said I couldn’t work due to my disabilities and a ‘friend’ who thought they knew everything invaliding me because of their friends when we are different people, said YT isn’t a real job and those Yters had real jobs and don’t sit on their laptops waiting for cash. If someone wants to be a full-time Youtuber, that’s their choice. As long as they are spreading themselves out. if they want to have Yt as a side gig and have a full-time job, that’s their choice. This person is so out of touch it seems like they think YouTubers don’t make the content to get the cash and just hope for the best. I wish I was friends with a YouTuber to show them the time it takes to make a video. You have a good 10 jobs for one video alone. The only part in her judgmental statement that’s true is the creator has a day job. However, times change and it only gets harder to get a job. How can you get a job if the place won’t call you for an interview? They shamed me for treating YT as a job yet who did they probably rely on for amusement when everything closed last year? yeah, that’s what I thought. You come down on content creators, and entertainers yet they were the bread to the sandwich when you had to be in lockdown. The video games you played took time and money to make.

The blog posts you read took time to put together. it costs money to run a site. I pay for hosting this blog every month and owe the fee I paid when I first signed up every year

I am trying to say, for those who probably had to cancel some of their streaming sites due to being out of work and needing some type of entertainment. FOR FREE you were able to watch people on YouTube/Twitch.

Also for Adsense to pay you, you have to fill out your tax information. So YT seems like a job to me if you have to pay taxes. It would probably fall under self-employment taxes. YT most likely deducts taxes. Ad revenue is split between you and Google, Google’s cut comes out, then taxes and you get what’s left. I run 4 crypto blogs and the wallet I use, Coinbase, will eventually do as well. Their threshold is anything over 600. So if it’s making me pay taxes, it’s a damn job to the IRS.

While they were on their real job rant they didn’t think about that. That’s what happens when you form your judgments instead of researching how YT works/asking Youtubers. These creators don’t just wave a wand, get a video, and ‘wait for cash.’ Even with a normal job, you have to WAIT every 2 weeks for a paycheck. Youtubers put time into the video, from research, scripting, editing, thumbnails, SEO, etc. So being a Youtuber is a good 10 jobs in one like I said, Same with Twitch. No editing, real-time like being on the radio. Twitch requires double the skills to be entertaining because, unlike YT where I record a raw video, and edit it to make it entertaining, on Twitch you’re in real-time, with no editing, and it’s all you.

Plus don’t act like COVID didn’t show you those ‘real’ jobs aren’t as safe as we thought.

It’s 2021 we need to stop these job wars and accept that as long as the person is honestly making their money, it’s a job. As long as they can support their family, it’s a job.

Also maybe the person is doing YouTube or Twitch because that’s the only job they can do. Not only disabled people but folks whose odds aren’t in their favor when it comes to jobs, folks with transportation issues, limited budgets, etc. I followed a YouTuber who said they’ve applied to 1,000 jobs and no one hired her, she didn’t live close to town. They only had one car which her husband needed to get to his job. if I had a partner, we only had one car and they needed it to get to their job, I’d work from home, too.

Everyone’s situation is different. Just because someone isn’t being treated like dirt for slave change doesn’t mean what they are doing isn’t a job.

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